Compounding pharmacy recommendations?

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  1. munch1958

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    Does anyone have a good pharmacy? Mine has been provided poor service lately. I'm in Illinois. TIA!
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    There are some that can be found on the net. Women's International Pharmacy & College Pharmacy are 2 I'm familiar with that have good reputations.

    One thing to consider with mail/FedEx orders, though. A lot of meds, & particularly hormones, are heat sensitive, and may become ineffective if they get too warm during shipping. It's better to order them during the cooler months ...

    Best wishes.
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    I am not sure what pharmacies are in your area.I live in S.FL.and we have a really good pharmacy in our most popular grocery store.The store is called PUBLIX.One reason I like the one in the grocery store is that if you call ahead you can pick up your meds when you get your groceries.Very convenient,and I write it on my grocery list so I will not forget(fibro fog).

    Just a tip,WalMart is offering a nationwide discount for more than 60 generic drugs in more than 160 doses and varieties.Walmart says that 30% of the $4 prescriptions are purcased by customers without insurance.
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    I'll try College or maybe Madison Pharmacy Associates. I used to use Women's but had a problem with an allergy to the transdermal cream base. I'm on T3, SR hydrocortisone, sublingual Bi-Est with testosterone, progesterone and a va-jay-jay liquigel, HGH and nublized gluatatione.

    The compounding pharmacy messed up my last two orders.
    Last month my gluat came frozen solid because they packed it in dry ice. The label says don't freeze. They forgot it earlier in the week and then had to send it for Sat delivery (at no charge) so I could nebulize on schedule.

    This time the cooler arrived hot. I stuck a restaurant thermometer in the cooler and it wouldn't go below 80 degrees. They said it's still good but I think glut is unstable and looses effectiveness at room temp. It didn't taste as "sulfery". I can't find any info on how fast it deteriorates.

    The reason I started doing business with the pharmacy is their hormone consult program. They review my labs and work with my doctor to get the doses right. Do other pharmacies offer this service too?

    I also like the way they pack the glut. In tiny vials. I just dump it in the cup along with bronchosaline. No drawing it up with needles from a big glass bottle.

    I buy my Nordiflex growth hormone pen from this compounding pharmacy. The cash price is $285.50 + shipping. They forgot to include the pen with my glut order. My local pharmacy does not carry HGH but I may try Walgreens and pick it up in person.

    Growth hormone must be shipped on ice in a cooler and stored below 77 degrees. UPS accidently left the cooler in their MO warehouse over the weekend in 100 degree weather. It wasn't even packed in a box so it was obvious it was a cooler.

    Sorry to whine but it's so frustrating to try to follow doctor's orders. Then you have this annoying stuff happen.
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    Munch don't know of one but you reminded me of a question I wanted to ask. Do you have to have a script to get compounded meds or what? you have been so helpfull and I neede to know. Thanks Grace
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    A prescription is required for all compounded medications. It's very difficult to find a doctor who knows enough about B-HRT and will prescribe it. I've had the most luck with holistic doctors.
  7. Slayadragon

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    Belmar Pharmacy in Colorado (I think it's Lakewood)
    (I don't think they do injectibles though). They do a compounded NADH that sometimes is really cheap and sometimes is really have to have a prescription though.

    Key Pharmacy in Washington State.
    I've gotten nebulized glutathione there. You probably know about that one though.

    Hopewell Pharmacy
    My doctor uses them a lot, but I don't much like dealing with the people there. They use cellulose as their base for pills (I am allergic to cellulose) and have denied it upfront....eventually telling me that it is "Microcrystalline cellulose" or some such and shouldn't bother me. (Wrong! They refused refunds too.) Their injectibles have been okay and packed fine though. (I no longer can use injectibles because of my latex allergy and thus haven't interacted with them for a while.)

    Key and Belmar are pretty nice in terms of service.

    I've been getting info sheets from my compounding pharmacies about legislation proposed to limit what they can do. I need to look into this more and maybe post something on the board about it.

    Sorry I've been slow to respond to your post on my thread. I've been feelin kind of reclusive in general recently, but hopefully will start feeling better soon. Thanks much for writing.

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  8. Slayadragon

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    Oh, this is the pharmacy I've been using for my HGH. THe prices are for the Genotropin Mini-Quick (7 syringes, .2 mg). This includes a discount for self-pay.

    They seem to pack it okay, although I've not been too worried because the Miniquicks are quite stable (meaning they actually can be left at room temperature for months without going bad).

    US Bioservices
    Kelly Jones x 0570
    1 box--$76.57
    888-418-7246 (fax)
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    thanks. grace
    The FFC uses ITC( colorado I think)I never had any problems with them. Promp and friendly.[This Message was Edited on 08/13/2007]
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    I have found that Women's International Pharmacy is WONDERFUL. I have been using them for almost 4 years now, and, in fact, it's funny that I read this, because I just ordered with them this morning. You can look them up online. They did just raise their S/H rates a small amount, but I think they are still reasonable, and they are very professional, and on a scale of 1-10, I would give them a 9 (only because no one's perfect) hehe....... But check them out online. You can call them and speak to a pharmacist also, if there are specific questions that you have for them. I've spoken to them several times and they are extremely helpful.
    Hope this helps.
    Love, Light, and Many Prayers
    terri rainspirit
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    Yes you can check these: These are Compounding Pharmacy i have ever seen.