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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by jaminhealth, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. jaminhealth

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    Ok, I'm in the throws, I think, of losing the XP I've been using for some time now....warranty issues are being removed by Microsoft.

    A computer techie person I am NOT....just the basics for this old gal. Emails and some research....I think I'd miss it if I totally unplugged myself. Although I do have many friends who are unplugged, but these things get us addicted to them.

    I keep thinking Windows 7 but I know the latest is Windows 8 and that is the push....I'm looking at a Dell tower and can't make a decision on 7 or 8. Windows 8 is less expensive, a tad, but from what I hear harder to "learn".....

    I'm talking to Dell and Best Buy and have a new tech person lined up for installation, etc...but the consternation is driving me kinda nuts....

    Any comments from you techie people, and again I keep it so printer, no office, no speakers, just the basic words on the screen. Thanks anyone. jam
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    If you like your computer and are only using it basically for the internet then I'd keep it. Microsoft is no longer going to support XP, however, as long as you have a security programme that will still keep your computer current, you should be okay. Several people have recommended AVG as being a really good security programme and they do have a free version you can download. The only downside to the free version is that it doesn't contain a firewall or banking/shopping protection.

    I'm holding off on buying a new computer. I've not heard good things about Window 7 or 8, so I'm waiting to see what the next version will be like.
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    My laptop got fried so I had to buy a new cheap one that does have windows 8 but I installed a little free program called classic shell that let's me use the new one as if it is still running on the old system. It just has a start menu and desktop like before and almost everything works like it used to.
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  4. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    My computer is FINE for my needs, and I don't bank online, only check my account status since my account was corrupted last I keep an eye on my account via the bank site.

    Wonder if I should "buy" Norton or what other security is out there...I'd like protection as best as can be had for now.

    I had AVG years ago then a friend got me on Microsoft Essentials and it's been good but another friend just gave me info on, Essentials will be no longer as I understand things.:

    From a friend who is kinda helping:
    ((I was wondering about this just the other day and thinking about you! Id say wait and see if they give you a firm "we're not supporting it" before changing. there are free antivirus programs out there like Avast. Here is the link for the free download

    you may have to first uninstall Microsoft security essentials before you install this. I personally use a paid antivirus called "Eset Nod 32" which is one of the best but Ive heard good things about Avast too. ))

    My other friend who also was working on an XP as long as me, ran out and bought a Dell Windows 8 the other night, I think she panicked more than I am doing.

    Boy, this tech stuff is like a boat in many ways, one keeps putting money into it to keep it floating. On owning the boat analogy, it's said: The happiest days of a boat owners life is when they buy a boat and when they get rid of it. For some, it's true with a computer. I have friends who have been on them, got off them and now one friend back East bought an Ipad for her needs, which are minimal.
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  5. TigerLilea

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    Jamin, I'm still using Microsoft Essentials so I have to switch my virus protection tomorrow. The problem with programmes like Norton and MacAfee is that they are very large programmes and really slow your computer down. I'm going to switch to AVG, but I'm buying their package with the firewall. I think it is something like $59.00 Cdn for a year. I can't afford not to have good protection as I use my computer for my business.

    It's being reported in the media that about 90% of the bank's ATMs are still using XP so I'm really disappointed (but not surprised) that Microsoft wouldn't continue to support XP.
  6. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    So it's true that Microsoft will NOT support Essentials along with not supporting XP? I'll do my best to install Avast tomorrow, hope it works, firstly will uninstall Essentials. I'm gonna give Avast a try. jam
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Jam. We all have different needs but I don't understand why anyone would still buy a tower. Laptops are as powerful and are portable. They come in large ones, like my Toshiba with a 17 1/2" screen down to the little notebook/tablets, like my Surface2. I would not buy a Surface if it were my only computer. I would get a middle-of-the road smaller laptop. Barb got an HP for $350 but the new ones do use Windows 8 which is a bugger to learn. You can intuitively sit down and use it from the tiles but when it comes time to find things, it's not so intuitive. I'm sure when I learn Windows 8, I'll like it but it's slow going. The Toshiba has Windows 7 and I've never had a problem with it. I use Avast antiviral but the geeks at the store are now recommending an $80 antiviral (probably because Avast is free).

    My old Compaq XP still runs but is so slow compared to my new ones that I don't use it anymore. Why not just keep using yours until you actually need a new one? If it's fast enough for you, can you have it upgraded to Windows 7? I don't recommend Windows 8 unless you want to learn a new system. Yes, you'll be able to use it right away by clicking on the e for Explorer but when you need to find something, like restore, it takes time to figure it out. I finally bought the Microsoft manual. Perhaps if you buy Windows 8, there will be a class to go with it. They provide no manuals with any electronics anymore except for the bare minimum info. I'm no techie so you can see how much trouble I'm having as an average user.

    BTW, the Surface is a Microsoft machine and one can only buy apps at the Microsoft store. Not a problem for me because I can download Android apps to my Kindle Fire or my Toshiba. I am rich in laptops/tablets but have the crappiest phone on the face of the earth. Strange. In any case, good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Nice post Mikie....very informative...I agree that probably 95 percent of people could get by with a laptop or tablet, for basic internet to buying a tower...I can tell you who will be buying them (to build their own systems)....GAMERS!!! LOL....we *need* all that extra space for our high-powered graphics cards, heat sinks and such...a laptop would simply run too hot, and would certainly cut down on lifespan, as the two major enemies to electronics are heat and dust.....I'd stay away from those 'all in one' things, too.....not enough space to dissipate the heat they generate....

    And Mikie...for an 'average user' as you call are way more knowledgeable about computers and tablets than a lot of people I I think you're doing just fine....and like you...I have the worst phone on the planet....might get frisky and get a different phone later this year.....but who knows???

    Take care, all....Paula >^.^<
  9. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Mikie, I don't travel, or move around and if I could, I would not carry around a computer. Not in my needs...

    I like sitting at my desk and using my desk top.....I have friends with laptops and these friends still travel, that is fine....but they have home desktops. I have friends who have no computers.....

    We're all unique creatures and I have no desire for a laptop.....if I ever will who knows....

    And I'm not a gamer.,....have no desire to even play bridge on my desktop..... There are still enough out there who use desktops.

    My one friend who just bought a new Dell tower windows 8, was talking to a Best Buy tech and he said something about not keeping laptops in one position about it burning out or something like I understand laptops were meant to "travel"....which I don't anymore and again if I did, I would not carry around a computer.

    This XP may still work for a while for me, I just need to load a new security system. I know you really enjoy tech stuff Mikie, I don't.....I hauled out my old old Bell system phone which I've kept forever as it WORKS, I've thrown out portable phones and never bought into a cellphone...... Thanks for your inputs thou.

    I know people like to lay in bed with laptops, etc. I don't. Sitting at my desk when I need to be online is what works for this gal. jam

    BTW: Does Avast do a good job for you? I had AVG years ago and then my friend put me on Essentials and now I have to go elsewhere and planning to install Avast today.
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  10. TigerLilea

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    Mikie, I'm a tower person. I'm self-employed and need a computer I can rely on. Plus I spend a lot of time on my computer and laptops burnout very quickly from overheating. I also have a couple of printers and a scanner hooked up to my computer. And lastly, it is too easy for someone to steal a laptop. They are less likely to take a tower.

    I've considered getting a used laptop to store my recipes on so I can have it in the kitchen instead of printing off the recipes but I couldn't see me using it for anything other than that.
  11. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Thanks Freida, I've learned so much just with this post and from my other friends about what to do next....

    I've befriended a fella who runs a supplement blog and he said he would help me as much as he could with computer stuff and here is his last comment:

    ((I dont think you need windows 8. its not that its hard to learn but but looks different (I believe they added the start button back after people screamed for it). I also believe that they want to log in the first time with an email address. I dont need it (or want it) and I want to stick with windows 7 myself. Id say to stick with windows 7. Windows 7 is going to be around for a long time I'm sure. ))

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow! All good replies. Yes, for big-time gamers and those who need powerful computers for working at home, a tower is what is needed. I assumed (I forgot we are never to assume :) that most of us use our computers as I do. Most of the gamers I know use the game boxes hooked up by wi-fi and do not play on their computers. Before the boxes got so good, gamers were playing on their computers. It's probably the preferred medium for those gamers.

    I got my wi-fi when almost no one had it. I first heard about it here. It was wonderful to be able to take my laptop into the bedroom and sit in bed and use it. I have a small office and had a tower but it was uncomfortable sitting for hours while I did research to try to get well. Now, I am only on my computer long enough to come here and read my e-mail. I occasionally use it to look something up. The beauty of a laptop, if one doesn't really need a tower, is that one can sit at a desk and use it but if one wants to move around a bit, one can. I never take mine with me when I travel except for traveling around my condo :) Now and then, one of us will take our laptops out on the Balcony to look at something. Ilona can use her smart phone which also hooks up to my wi-fi. I don't care to read on such a small screen--hence, the crappy phone.

    Even after all the hours I spent on my old Compaq laptop XP, it has never worn out. I don't think the new laptops are that well made. Barb's last one crapped out after three years. This time, she bought the insurance plan.

    I think, like everything else, each of us has to decide our own needs and buy whatever fits those needs. It's not that Windows 8 is difficult to learn. It's that it isn't intuitive for us oldies. One can sit down and use it immediately but when one wants to do something besides using Explorer or e-mail, it's very difficult to find the old apps, like restore. If it were easy, the manual from Microsoft wouldn't be HUGE. Forget the tutorials on You Tube. They are all for the kids who use social media all day long. I am able to go to the desktop, which resembles the ones on Windows 7, when I first open the computer but after that, I can't find my way back to it. I'll have to look it up. What bugs me the most about Windows 8 is that they call some of the icons, "Charms." Give me a break!

    Love, Mikie
  13. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Well, the world didn't end, the sky didn't fall and XP is still working and I BELIEVE Avast is doing it's job so far....I even took a 20 day trial of Avast advanced package for free, so we'll see....I did the free download and it took more time and learning than I knew....made some mistakes I believe and I think I corrected them....

    My gf tells me this XP still has a lot of life in it, we'll see.....

    I'm not a gamer type person so that area has never appealed to me. Just me, I enjoy my bridge game with real people.....

    Again, a lot of good replies here and I'lve learned a lot..... jam
  14. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Member

    Jamin, I'm doing the free trial of AVG for 30 days. I originally was looking at F-Secure but it doesn't have a firewall. I also checked out AVAST, however, it didn't get a great rating from PC World. It misses malware and only blocked 89% of "unknown" attacks, whereas most of the good programmes blocked 99%.
  15. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    I guess all these FREE security programs have advanced PAY systems. I'll keep AVG in mind as I had it years ago...I open less and less STUFF, actually I open nothing if it looks foreign. And these days I seem to go less and less to the other health boards I'm been on....guess I'm losing interest even more as I've done this so long trying to help and be helped....
  16. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Member

    I'm not trialing the "free" programme, but the paid programme that includes a firewall and banking/shopping protection.
  17. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Member

    I just scanned my computer using AVG and already it has found a virus that was missed by Microsoft Essentials.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Avast has stopped malware before it has had a chance to harm my computer. I know it's fallen out of favor with the geeks but it keeps doing a good job for me. It scans once a month and usually only has to fix one or two things. I'm knocking on wood because nothing is foolproof. I also am very careful about where I go and what I allow to open on my computer. How sad that there are people with nothing better to do than infect others' computers with viruses.

    Love, Mikie
  19. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Mikie, do you have the totally free Avast?
  20. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    My gf just called me to say, she is returning the windows 8 Dell tower she just bought. She was talking to 2 people today and both shared their frustration and dislike for windows with this further info from these people she is going to look for a windows 7. So.....