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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by jaminhealth, Apr 6, 2014.

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    Jamin, Windows 7 is getting up there in computer years and as of January 13, 2015 (next year) Microsoft is stopping mainstream support and will end extended support on January 14, 2020. Microsoft no longer sells Windows 7 and retailers have until October of this year before they have to pull it from the shelves and can no longer sell it.
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    Yes, at the time I bought my Toshiba, about five years ago, the geeks told me to just download the free version. They said that it's what they all used. Now, they tell me that most computers brought in for fixing were using Avast. Complete 180 on what they first told me. The only virus which got me was the "FBI" virus and I fixed that myself. Barb wasn't able to fix the new version of it and had to take her brand new computer in to get it set back to factory stds. I think I could do that myself but I haven't backed up my docs and pics for a long time and would lose a lot of them. Just too far down on my list of things to do.

    My Toshiba is a bit slow because I've never been able to completely get rid of Norton, which comes free with Comcast. So far, though, it doesn't fight with the Avast. The Surface comes with Microsoft's own antiviral and firewall version as far as I've been able to determine. I doubt that they are the best protection.

    My greatest concern over this XP brouhaha is that banks and financial institutions seem to be using it. No wonder they've been so easily hacked. The good news is that now, they will be forced to upgrade and, hopefully, have better protection.

    I think if someone only goes to safe websites, doesn't open unknown e-mails and unknown links, and doesn't use unencrypted wi-fi, one's computer is relatively safe and Avast should be adequate. I'm sure there are probably other free antivirals out there. People have told me that using Firefox as my browser is safer. I don't know. Except for weekends, I read our paper online. It is not compatible with Explorer and I use Firefox. There have been a lot of problems with Explorer running fast and it has timed out and plain ole just quit but I still use it for everything else.

    Jam, if you still have your CD with XP on it, or you registered the ID # of your XP, you can replace it on your computer if you get a virus. If you hire a geek to do it, it costs around $100. That's cheaper than buying a new computer if the one you have is otherwise working well. I do not believe they are selling anything now but Windows 8 if you buy a new one. What is difficult for me to learn might not give someone else that many problems. Don't mean to scare anyone off Windows 8 because I think we'll all have to learn it sooner or later. I know no one in my group here who likes it, though.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie, someone was telling me yesterday that the UK gov't has made a deal with Microsoft to continue with updates for their computers as they still use XP. I'm betting that there is probably a deal also with the banks that still use XP with their ATMs. And if this is the case, then I don't understand why the h*ll Microsoft can't extend the period of time for everyone else still using this OS. :mad: Okay, that's my rant over with. :)
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    For NOW, I'm hanging with this XP, which my gf gave me from her office a few yrs ago.....she has another office computer at her house as the company she was with has folded and they are getting rid of their NEW computers, so I may get the one she still has at home.....I think the one at her house is a 7 or still an XP....she gets a tad impatient with me as I'm so in the DARK with this technology. She's been in tech since the 60's....she does EVERYTHING on her computers. I DON'T.....

    My friend who has the windows 8 at home in a box is now vacillating to a laptop....she is more consternated than me.....

    All good info here, no doubt....for my life I KEEP IT SO SIMPLE......this tech stuff stresses me too much when it's not working. Stress and Fibro and OA don't get along. jam
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    I have to admit that if you are not going to make the switch anytime soon, XP should be fine for a little while longer. As far as Windows 8 goes, I cannot imagine that operating system making it long-term. It is so radically different, especially after the quality release that was Windows 7.
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    I certainly hope M/S continues to support Windows 7 for a looooong time. This workhorse Toshiba laptop is my go to computer. It does just about everything and I'm comfortable with it's features. I am getting more and more comfortable with Windows 8.1 which, evidently, is what is on my Surface2. Barb has Windows 8 and even with that, there are slight differences. There are even differences between the different Surfaces.

    As I've watched tutorials, which to me are useless, on You Tube, I can see the younger, social media types really getting into using the tiles on Windows8, especially on touchscreens which seem to be their area (phones and tablets). One geek at the computer store where I go loooooves his Windows phone. I think it's made my Nokia. It's just like his computer so no learning curve needed.

    Geez, time was when no one thought us old geezers would ever use cell phones nor computers. I live in God's Waiting Room (also known as FL) and all us old geezers use these devices. I do have one friend who uses her age as an excuse not to learn how to use her computer and e-mail. She is the president of our big condo assn. board and it is a disability for her in her job as president. And yet, she jumped out of an airplane on her 80th birthday. She just doesn't want to learn it. She's a stubborn cuss but I admire her fortitude on her birthday.

    Barb, next door, is older than that and she is fearless. She got a new computer and knows more about Windows8 than I do.

    Love, Mikie
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    Well, I hope his XP keeps going for me...the high tech world was always resistance for me. I remember my boss at Hitachi when I worked for them, kept telling me to embrace/love this tech world and all our SERVICES would improve....I don't see that has ever I pump my own gas when I need our almost $5 gas these days....good thing I don't like to drive much anymore...

    Whenever I have to contact a company and a person actually answers, I get a HIGH on.... I wish I could be a happier camper, I WAS at many other times. jam in age...such as this LIFE....
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    I hear ya, Jam. Customer service, which is, in my estimation, an oxymoron, is in the toilet. Misuse of technical advances, in order to save money at the customer's expense, is one of the worst abuses of the new tech world. Tech shines in other areas and has brought many advances to us in products and medicine. Just our ability to come here and get info and support is reason enough for me to be thankful for it. That said, however, I want to tear my hair out when I get the automated menus on the phone. It's OK if I can click on "0" and get a live person but that isn't always an option. The Tech gods give and they take away. Oy!

    Love, Mikie
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    TL, reading thru this thread, when I downloaded the free Avast security, they offered me 20 day trial of advanced security which contains Firewall....I don't do online banking but do buy online....the free 20 day trial is about up and they keep offering me the upgrade for $30, something tells me I should buy it...I've NEVER paid for security but maybe now I need to. Thoughts....

    BTW: I am changing auto ins to Wawanesa which is a Canadian ins company and it services 3-4 Western U.S. states, I'm saving at least $100 from my current auto ins....a friend is saving $200/yr.... Are you familiar with the company, good reputation? jam
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    I asked a guy friend the same question as above, do I need to pay to update Avast which is Free as I took it an here is what he said: Everyone has an opinion and they sure do vary....I'm not opening unknown links and delete a lot I never open......I don't want to spend money I don't need to..

    (((Hey Jam, I thought avast was free and free forever. I'm sure they have a paid version but I don't see why you can't stick with the free Avast forever.

    Make sure that they will always have a free option for you if you don't choose to pay for it.
    I was listening to a computer show and the guy was saying that technically you don't need an antivirus program as long as you know what you're doing you don't click on links and download stuff from people you don't know.

    Also I haven't heard anything bad about XP blowing up or major hacker attacks on XP either since Microsoft stop supporting it which is good news for you :)

    I would stick with a free program like avast if keeps being free for you. if not there are many free Antivirus out there.
    How's that sound :) )))