Computer help please I am trying to back up ALL info

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. ckball

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    I thought I did it but used CD-R's and when I tried the disc on my other computer things didn't work,

    I did buy CD RW and am trying to save my emails and can not figure out what I am missing.

    Can any one send me in the right direction. I have been having a CF flair with brain fog so can someone turn on the lights for me. Thanks-Carla
  2. Marta608

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    Of course one of the best helpers is our friend with the blue legs. It certainly isn't me but I wish you good luck with your PROJECT. You have NO idea how long I waited for that word. See me in icon.

  3. ckball

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    Marta I appreciate your input and Elaine I think it is the computer not allowing me to some of the things.

    I have my documents and pics done, that was easy. It is my Outlook Express I am trying to back up and it doesn't work. I am ready to ship it back to Dell and tell them to back it all up then make the darn thing work.

    It was possesed earlier and kept trying to dial threw a differnt dialog box that has the wrong number in it and I am not able to change it. Right now I have a network cable hooked up to my old computer and it goes back and forth network pluged and unplugged.

    Thank you for your help but this thing needs more help than all of us put together could do. Carla
  4. ckball

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    Thank you sweetie but I just spent 3 hours on the phone with Dell and watch a guy in the Philipines control my computer. I still have to figure out a way to back up my Outlook Express. I have 100's of emails and because of the OS being corrupted it doesn't want to help me save them.

    The tech actually said :you could email them all to yourself and save them on the server" I already figured that was my LAST option. When I tried to save to the cd, the program says there is not one in there when clearly it is, just little kinks like that can ruin a good day. I have put this off, so far they are working with me even tho my warranty is expired. They had the computer in for repair of a key, I told them all the problems that I was having but it came back with a fix key and the other stuff would still happen. I was in a flair and remodels and just let it go until April. Here it is mid June and still no answer.

    I do know how to do the restore, have saved my docs & pics, chcking acct,etc. just can't save or the email files.

    So that's were I am at, thank you so much for taking the time, sorry it took me so long to get back really was on the phone for 3 hours. Then my dogs demanded I walked them and now it is bedtime. Where did my day go? Have a good nite CArla