concerned about my meds.

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  1. preciosa

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    hey new to this very depressed girl25,currintly on effexor know anything about it?
  2. pglt

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    I don't really know what you want to know about it. I was on it for years. It helped with my depression. It is also suppose to help with fibro but didn't help with mine. It was also one of the few drugs that I didn't gain weight on even tho it is a side effect. It does take about 6 weeks before it works. You should start seeing a difference in 2 weeks but it will be minimal.

    I don't know if you were looking for more info.
  3. shywolf4

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    Hi, effexor usually takes a couple of weeks to really "kick in" and have an effect. That being said, you state that you are very depressed. If that is the case, contact your doctor as soon as possible about any concerns about your medications, especially if it was prescribed by anyone other than a mental health provider. Depression can take hold of us so easily and the sooner you get the right medication and the right conselor the better off you will be.

    Believe me when I say that you do not want to continue to spiral down into deeper depression because it can happen without you even realizing it. I have been there. I did not even realize how depressed I had become back in 2004 until I found myself on a really bad pain day wishing that the FMS was eventually fatal just so that I would know that the pain would stop someday. Thankfully, just the thought of that was enough to scare me and I immediately dropped everything I was doing at work and made an appointment with my PCP and a mental health provider. It took me having to stop working entirely and about six months of medication and therapy to get back to normal and I never want me (or anyone else) to have to get that way if it can be prevented.
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    hey,i am just really really depressed all the time i feel like i am gonna have a mentol brake down i feel like i dont have pations sometimes for my 6 yearold daughter... everything just builds up inside me and i want to explode.....