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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Eve612, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. Eve612

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    I have been feeling really wretched of late & it is getting harder & harder to make it through the days. I will describe my "symptoms" & would be anxious to know if anyone else experiences any of them or could I be dealing with something else? First of all, I am in an almost constant state of feeling like I'm in a "permanent" hot flash. My stomach is bloated & look like I'm five months preganant. The fatigue is crushing, just to put drops in my eyes, makes my arms ache. Sometimes upon rising or even getting out of the car after I've been driving, I feel lightheaded. And the most frightening one of them all, & it's happened twice today, is that I will start feeling flushed & then get this all over my body "weakness" , like I am just going to fade away. Also, feel full after eating small amount & slightly nauseous much of the time. Thank goodness, I have a Dr. apt on the 2nd of September, & I pray that it's not anything too serious..

    "Worried in Texas",
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    Eve...learned last night Adam & Eve did not become mortal until they ate of the tree of life; the leaf contained blood;.....just a tidbit of trivia.

    Yes I have had those symptoms and yes, they still worry me but as each time those things occur and "nothing" happens I become a little more confident; however

    I learned what has been causing mine were: first, menoause, then extreme anxiety, then panic attacks which became panic disorder.

    I also have diabetes and am going on 10 mons Pred. free after being on approx 20mg. a day for six years and my system is kicking in and the diabetes symptoms are worsening; so I check first my blood glucose level. If it is okay, I take something for anxiety. If that does no good I contemplate calling the doc or take a trip to the ER. Cactus.
  3. Eve612

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    I was feeling that I was "all alone" with having this multitude of unpleasent symptoms. I had by-pass surgery in 1995 & always worry about that condition too. Besides the CFS, I am also hypothyroid & it's not under control on the Synthroid, & I wasn't able to take the Armour, because it caused heart palpitations. It's a heck of a note, when the thing you look forward to most after getting up, is when you can go back to bed! Wishing we could all find a miracle cure for this yucky disease!

  4. Shirl

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    Sure sounds like the beginning of menopause.

    I quit driving because of just what you described, but that was a mistake on my part, do not do that!

    That flushing, unreal feeling (spacy?) and that anxiety is no doubt hormone related. I got palpations with it too. Scary feeling, I know.

    As for the bloated stomach, do you eat much white flour? like bread, pasta, white rice, etc? if so that will cause the bloating.

    I am thin, but it used to get so bad that my stomach would protrude in a matter of hours like I was 'suddenly' 9 months pregnant after eating a sandwich with white bread! I also got nauseous on a half a sandwich.

    If I was out, I had to unzip my pants it was so bad.

    Before this I could eat just about anything, but not anymore.

    I am sorry I missed your post earlier, was just traveling from thread to thread and board to board and missed you!

    Be sure to tell you doctor about these feelings.

    I still get some of those symptoms with the FM, and if it gets too bad I will take a 1/4 dose of Xanax. Lil told me about this one, the lady is great with medical stuff.

    I wrote her once because I was having palpations so bad I though I was going to have a heart attack, she told me what to do and in a couple of days I was fine :)

    Take care, and let us know what the doctor has to say.

    Shalom, Shirl

  5. lease79

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    so I'm not quite headed for menopause just yet. But I still suffer from alot of the symptoms you named.
    I just had a baby 4 months ago & my tummy was looking great. Over the last week it has taken on a decidedly 'bloated' look & I feel 'over full' most of the time. No pain anywhere on palpitating it though.
    I also get the dizziness on standing, & if I stand too quickly I very nearly do pass out :( Also if I am on my feet too long, or try to run somewhere I get the same effect.
    Hope that you are feeling better soon!
    ~*Gentle Hugs*~

  6. Eve612

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    I went through surgical menopause when I was 43, a long time back, took Premarin for about 17 years & about a year ago, I didn't like what I was hearing about it, so my new Dr. switched to the compunded natural hormones. I really hate feeling this way, & I've had two more of those "spells" today & of course, I jump to the conclusion that my arteries are getting clogged again & I will never go through by-pass surgery again, so pray that I'm wrong & it's just my hormones or nervous system causing these "attacks"...I should have taken a Xanax, as I can feel the anxiety building....

  7. wildzootv

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    I have had..... it stinks!! I hope you get good results on the 2nd.
  8. Eve612

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    to the "attacks" that I was having. I was taking the product from the store here, called Ultimate Cleanse to help with constipation. it worked beautfully for that, was so nice to be regular. Then these attacks started, four times in one day, as I stated. I knew that was the only different thing that I was taking, so decided to do a test to see if that was the cause. I left it off since Wednesday & I have not had another spell. There are a great number of herbs in it, & apparently one or more of them was triggering it. But, now I don't know what to do, as if I don't take something I don't go! So many problems...aarrrgh.

  9. Julygal

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    Eve, I agree with others about menopause being part of the problem. Like you, I had a total hysterectomy when I was 38, & immediately went into menopause. Obviously it is time for my "natural menopause" time now. I have been weaning myself off Premarin after taking it for 21 yrs.
    If I don't take acidophillus every day, and/or fiber I really have trouble being regular. I have an awful bloating problem myself, & have experienced other feelings you described. Trust are NOT alone! That's why I love this board so much, because we can learn so much from each other.
    I was the one who had neck surgery 2 wks. ago. I cannot believe how much LESS pain I have now since the surgery. Not only were the discs pushing out toward my spinal cord, but so was a vertebrae.
    I pray that your appt. Tues. goes great & you get just the help & encouragement that you need.
  10. Eve612

    Eve612 New Member

    It's nice to know that I am not alone. I am having so many problems now, I am going to the Dr. with a list of questions, so I hope that she has time to listen to me! I am really depressed that the Ultimate Cleanse caused me to have those "spells", as it worked wonderfully for what I was taking it for, now I don't know what to take. Plus, I am stuck with a month & a half supply & no use for it!
    I am glad that your surgery has helped with your pain. I guess, in that dept., I am lucky, as the worst that I have is upper back pain, & a seemingly chronic inflamation in my right thumb joint. I will update after I see the Dr!

  11. Mikie

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    Try magnesium for the constipation. It is also good for our pain and other symptoms. The ZMA sold here is an excellent way to get sleep and all it contains is magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B-6.

    Love, Mikie