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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by EddieJ, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. EddieJ

    EddieJ New Member

    Ever since I have been taking some leave time to deal with a flare-up of CFIDS symptoms, I feel like people are treating me differently. And I'm not just projecting here. It really feels like people may see me as a malingerer and don't understand exactly what I am up against right now. It's really frustrating and quite frankly hurtful when many folks you work with treat you this way. I mean, honestly what am I supposed to do? This %$&$#&^# sucks :(

    Sorry, needed to rant. Any advice would be helpful.

    Thanks all,

  2. mossrose101

    mossrose101 New Member

    No advice, just my own frustration about CFS. While I was working everything was ok but I have been out of work for a year now and on total disability right now. I had a half-way decent day and hubby took me to the supermarket and one of my former co-workers was there. She was working at the market as a 2nd job. She asked me if they found out what was wrong w/me yet and I told her CFS. She quickly told me that she has that too! I was floored and said nothing. The woman works 2 jobs! There is no way she has CFS. She is one of those people who is always talking about her illnesses but it still kind of angered me. I guess everyone who is tired now thinks they have CFS???
  3. cherylsue

    cherylsue Member

    They have to live it to learn it. There's no other way.

  4. EddieJ

    EddieJ New Member

    I suppose my question then is this. How can we spread awareness if we remain quiet?

    The job I am in currently is not where I want to end up. It is a means to an end and I have other plans once I leave here in the not too distant future. So how much does it really mean?

    I agree about not saying another word about this. However, I am not the one who said anything about it. When I applied for reasonable accommodations (short-term) my supervisor finds out what I have through the folks who review all of this stuff. My supervisor tends to talk a lot and I am worried she may have run afoul of privacy laws.
  5. momof471

    momof471 New Member

    I have fibro not cfs, but I remember what it was like when I got hurt then sick. I felt like I always had to explain myself and push harder to prove myself. I didn't understand at the time what was going on, the atmosphere at work didn't help the situation I'm sure. I ocassionally see some of those people and they ask if I'm better yet. I just say that I've had to change directions with my life as a result of this illness, otherwise, I explain nothing

    God Bless
  6. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    Same is happening to me. And I am sure they are looking for ways to make me quit or fire me. Co-workers are very catty to say the least. I can't help it that I got this ... I would gladly give it away if I could.

    I feel for ya ... but hang in there. I expect I will have to go on LTD now if a DR will approve it. I have used up all of my FMLA for the whole year and I know as soon as I go back (I have been on STD) the heat will be on.

    Yes ... this really sucks.
  7. EddieJ

    EddieJ New Member

    Are you a Fed? Same here. :)
  8. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    That's wild ... I just made it up.
  9. 00a7370

    00a7370 New Member

    I just sent out a similar post and didn't see yours until afterwards. People at my work don't understand. When anyone asks, I say that I'm fine because noone really cares how I am and that makes me even more depressed. Once in a while I tell the truth and start crying. My kids don't understand. My oldest only cared that Grandma couldn't babysit anynore.
  10. EddieJ

    EddieJ New Member

    Donna Shalala is the former head of the Department of Health and Human Services. She is now the President of the University of Miami. Funny.

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