concerning help for heat while disabled w/fms

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    hi there i have meaning to mention to everyone here that has fms/cfs/arthitis and not sure what well may qualify for a medical basline for your ususage of pg&e bil, it will allow you to use more energy at the lower rate..because of these conditions that you need to keep your heat or a/c at 68-72 degrees.. i just found out about it in april of this year. i needed more help with my bills and they lady asked me if i was disabled and i said yes and she wanted to know what i was and i told her i have fibro/arithitis...she said you qualify...tanke this sheet have docotor sign it end...i have been getting the little extra helpever since....

    but i know that this is in california so i tend to believe it would be available for anyone on lower incomes....check out your community help places wehere you are living...i hope this will help some for people and not have freeze in the winter and sweat in the summer....

    call you local energy company and ask them about getting help because of this and also the care program saves money there tooo...

    i am so glad i have read this tonight on the posts0about being cold....and the pains....

    so please call you local communuty to get signed up..

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    now my state is limiting medical coverage.
    they're not supposed to,
    all i get is telephone run around about it.arrgghh!