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    Still no one has heard from her? Kinda worried about her..if she was on the level..
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    Dear friends
    I am unable to read all your responses
    I did just now go online for a moment and saw lot of replys
    but am soo sick
    I spent a night in the emergency room from withdrawel and then went home because there were no beds available in any hospitals
    a couple of days later my husband and I found a bed in a boston hospital
    I was treated like a herion addict
    I have never abused any of my medications.
    I had to go to three meetings a day at the clinic that last an hour a peice
    I was in lock down
    I also had to go to aa meetings
    I got home early because my tooth broke in half while I was there and was unable to eat and was getting weaker with each day.
    I am home now, I was treated with methodone and was okay (somewhat yesterday) but tonight am in agony.
    I am grinding my teeth in pain.
    I went to the dentist but didn't have a credit card on me so they just filed down my broken tooth and put me on anti bi otic's
    I don't know what I will do about this tooth as I really can't afford to keep it but mass health will pull it for free.
    I have decided that I will go back to bed.
    I think bedridden. I just am so sick. its my back and neck.
    hands, everything.
    my blood preassure became dangerouly high from withdrawel from the klonipin.
    i'm in a depression and have no fight left. just not well enough to do anything, this is the most I have done )being on line) since being home.
    I wish I had my life back.
    but its gone. I don't know how I will be able to function off the couch and or out of bed.
    tommorow I will be going to the methodone clinic.
    I will have to go to many meeting and be able to get to the clinic every day for treatment.
    I don't know how I will do this yet. this is all new to me.
    so much has happended but my shoulder is hurting and I am going back on the couch.
    I already contacted my sister's and canceled thanksgiving at my house. cant do this, not even witht he help of my husband, not now.
    my sister feels I need to find a counceler quick, I feel the same way but just don't know how to find any one good, plus i'm sick.
    very afraid right now, really never saw this coming.
    God Bless
    Be well
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    Can your sister come stay with you to help while your husband is at work. Maybe with a fresh pair of eyes looking at your situation, she'll be able to find you help. Why did they put you in a lock down? How long do you have to go to the methadone clinic for? I will keep you in my prayers.

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    Have read the posts looking for you.

    You have done nothing wrong. I got thrown into this nightmare when my doc left with no notice and I went into withdrawls and had seizures.

    My story pretty much follows yours. All detox units are locked thats for protection not because your bad. Classes are required (pain in the butt altho I did learn stuff).

    My concern is you detoxing to fast especially off of benzo.
    Thats actually why they put me into a unit,it has to be done very slowly and carefully. Luckly my daughter was a detox tech and helped me.

    If possible get in where you can.

    wishing you the best also am going to look for papers on benzos and detoxing post website for them.