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    I have had FMS now since 2002 and, as I'm sure you all know, it's a very
    hard battle. Aside from my FMS, I had a nervous breakdown in the summer
    of 2005. That breakdown did NOT help the FMS at all. Through the years,
    I have done everything I can to cope with these two problems.

    For my Bipolar Disorder I take two atypical antipsychotic drugs: Invega
    6mg and Seroquel 25mg. These medications do their job well and I do not
    have any "messed up" thoughts. The only problem I have with the Seroquel
    is it makes me a little drowsy during the day. Other than that, my
    mental situation is under control pretty well.

    For my FMS, I do not take anything; not even pain killers. For the most
    part, I'm pretty active and I just deal with the pain. Lately, however,
    I am pretty foggy, mentally. I am really worried about my lack of deep
    sleep. One of the reasons why I'm worried is that, scientifically, when
    someone does not get deep sleep regularly that person's dopamine level
    rises. This situation is exactly what my medications are trying to
    control( Invega, Seroquel). So my question is: What can I do to get
    deep sleep? I've heard of a drug called Xyrem and doctors say that it
    really helps the "sleep problem" FMS sufferers face. Are there any other
    options? What about other medications?

    I see my new doctor tomorrow, so I would appreciate any feedback you have
    for me. I don't really know what to ask. All I know is that I want to
    be taken seriously!

    Thanks for reading,

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    I would highly advise a sleep study by an accredited sleep center affiliated with a hospital. You can not get Xyrem without one. It is important that you get a neurologist who specializes in sleep.

    I just had a sleep test and it was found I have Obstructive Sleep Apnea. I already had been diagnosed with RLS. I have just started with a CPAP. The doctor has seen other FM patients who have decreased symptoms with proper treatment of sleep disorders. These do not cure FM but they certainly help.

    Keep us posted.

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