Concerns over Mental Health Bill (UK)

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  1. tansy

    tansy New Member

    As posted by Dianne Newman on the co-cure archives.

    There are numerous concerns over the UK Mental Health Bill,
    which raise serious flaws and implications to anyone affected
    by a neurological condition, including M.E., MS, Parkinsons, Ataxia,
    etc, etc.

    Please distribute the information below, widely.

    Di Newman
    Peterborough M.E. & CFS Self Help Group (M.E.E.T.)
    & M.E. & CFS Advocate

    Dear campaigners

    Thanks for all your work and support so far campaigning on the Mental Health

    It looks highly likely that the Government will continue to ignore all the
    opposition to its draft Mental Health Bill and we need to enlist as much
    public support as possible. One of the Government's claims has been that
    the 'general public' support their proposals. To prove that that is not the
    case, we have decided to launch a petition on the Mind website. Our aim is
    to reach as many of the wider public, that is ideally not people who are
    mental health professionals or whom Mind already has connections with.

    Please email as many of their friends and contacts as possible, particularly
    those who do not have links with Mind or mental health, asking them to sign
    the petition. This will inform them of the Government's proposals, and
    encourage them to challenge the Government's view that the draft Bill
    represents the 'general public's' wishes.

    Below is a suggested email in case helpful, but please do feel free to amend
    and personalise your own email as you would like. and, of course feel free
    to sign up to the petition yourself!


    Dear friends

    The Government is trying to bring in a new Mental Health Bill which Mind is
    extremely concerned about as it is completely unworkable and will not
    deliver the mental health services that our country desperately needs. Its
    proposals are so worrying that mental health stakeholders right across the
    board - doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, local authorities, mental health
    organisations and service users - united 6 years ago as the Mental Health
    Alliance to campaign against the proposals. The recent independent
    Parliamentary cross-party Joint Committee report backed up almost all of the
    Alliance recommendations, yet still the Government has chosen to ignore its
    advice, not accepting any of its major proposals.

    The Government believes that it is acting in the general public's interest
    (in writing, they have discounted anybody who works in mental health! ).
    Please, if you can, visit our website to find out more, and sign our
    petition to help us stop these wrong proposals becoming reality. It's
    important that you include your profession, as we want to show the
    Government just how many of the 'general public' don't support this

    Many thanks

    David Stone
    Parliamentary Officer
    Mind - The Mental Health Charity
    15 - 19 Broadway, Stratford, London E15 4BQ
    Tel : 020 8215 2295 Fax: 020 8215 2468
  2. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    I want to help keep this bumped up for our friends who may be coming online in the UK.

    I looked at the website and couldn't find where I could look at the bill. I am interested as my husband is a "patients' rights advocate" in California and works for those who utilize the mental health system here. He makes sure that they aren't treated against their will and assures that they have what we call due process. It's a "check and balance" in our system of care.

    Is there anyway that one might view the proposed bill that UK is looking at? Thanks.

    Warm wishes, Jeannette
  3. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Hi Jeannette

    There are links to info and files at

    Patietyns with mental health problems should have access to the right Tx ofr them; they should also have the right to refuse them if they make them worse or adversely affect their lives.

    Years ago I got to know a young man whose Dx led to being giving meds that made it impossible to function, or even to take take part in the counselling groups he had to attend. He stopped the meds and coped a lot better, it also meant he could go back to playing jazz.

    I came across some info on high doses of b vits and some of that made sense of what he'd been describing to us. The was no internet then so instead he wrote to researchers in the US and set about trying out their recommendations. They worked and he's been well ever since.

    Most of the local psychiatric hospital staff did not want to know, but he made sure patients thought about how he had gone about getting well. Over 15 years later he has remained well, has a good career, still plays jazz, is married and has a couple of kids.

    The situation is even worse now meds wise; so much easier to drug a patient to such a degree they demand less, than it is to provide the servies and more appropiate meds they really need.

    I worked in the voluntary sector for years. All the topics I see here about health policies, funding priorities, big pharma and so on are just the end result of what has been going on for decades.

    love, Tansy

  4. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    to my daughter and friends Tansy.

  5. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    I just spent about a minute musing over who Mental Health Bill could be and why you were so concerned about him, since I'd never seen his username on the board! I am glad only the dog is with me right cheeks are burning so badly from the embarrassment that we won't need the central heating on till January! I can't believe my own silly head! I was an intelligent, logical-thinking individual once upon a time!

    Hope I haven't detracted from the seriousness of your point! It is frightening that those in power can masquerade as a concerned Government who has the public's interest at heart when it clearly does not - where do they get their information from? It isn't me!

    I will sign the petition and do what I can to convey my dissatisfaction...
    Hopefully, many others here will too!!

    Love Shelbo
  6. tansy

    tansy New Member

    another of the joys of brain fog! Please don't ever feel embarassed; some of us get into some right pickles thanks to our cognitive problems. Since being Dx with neuroborreliosis/lyme, if anyone does a put down over this, I just tell them it's due to neuroborreliosis. None of them have a clue as to what neuroborreliosis is, so the subject is dropped immediately. Suits me just fine.

    love, Tansy
  7. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    I'll read the link and print it out for my husband to review. He follows these things very closely, and I do as well.

    Is it possible for those of us in the US to sign a petition? If so, I'd be glad to do so.

    Love and warm wishes, Jeannette

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