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    Does anyone have the Condensed Cowden Protocol (schedule/ calender) PDF they could send me please?

    Be SO grateful if so! :eek:)
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    Someone asked him that there, as well... his response:

    "The Condensed Cowden Support Program (CCSP) Instructions & Dosing Schedule is found at

    Click on "Cowden Support Program" on the top left corner of the web page,
    then scroll 1/2 way down the next page to the
    click on that & print all 20 pages.

    Read the first page at least twice & refer back to it every time a Herxheimer reaction occurs.

    I have found that most patients who try to use only part of the CCSP products usually don't get well &/or get worse. If a person starting this Program has taken more than a week of pharmaceutical antibiotics recently, they should avoid all sugars, grain products, starchy foods, vinegar, alcoholic beverages, fruit juices & fruits (other than lemons, limes, tomatoes & avocados) for the first 78 days of the CCSP (in order to eliminate fungi from their gut)."
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    I found him on FB just before you replied ...... I've requested a 'friend' addition.

    Thanks so much for your link ........ I had tried '' previously with no success ..... the 'cc' solved it.

    I will print and digest, and keep referring back along the treatment way.

    Kind regards