Conditions of the Spine

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  1. StephieBee

    StephieBee New Member

    Can you get problems with your spine, such as bulging discs, fused discs and others like that because be caused your FM? Or possibly injuries you sustained after you got FM from car accidents, etc.? For those of you who have these problems, did they exist before your dx of FM, or atleast what you believe to be the onset of your FM?

    I am just curious because I didnt know if I should get scans done. Sorry if this seems like a stupid question!

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  2. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member

    In my case I had an untreated whiplash many years ago. This caused Degenerative Disc Disease.THe accident happened when I was 19, I am 52 now.

    In my late 30's I had pains in my arms, and from C3-4 C5-6,C6-7 osteophites and disc degeneration.

    I had generalized all over body aches and pains (mild at the time,FMS.)

    I have myfasical pain syndrome also...
    There are many things that can bring on FM.

    Spine problems are usually from wear and tear, diet, disease,and inherited. (I am told) Fms doesn't cause the bulging discs, or DDD.

    All of my conditions are separate conditions. FMS can play havoc with DDD, and visa versa.

    My Pain Management doc calls it a compounding problem, treat all conditions until you can break the cycle if you know what I mean.

    The untreated whiplash, in my case brought on with the DDD. All the stess of pain, and life in general,
    brought on the FM and MFPS. Being in a constant fight or flight condition plays heck on the body...

    For me, first DDD, FM then the MFPS...
    Take Care,

    Get the MRI, I think the more you know the better chance of getting treatment that can help you.[This Message was Edited on 06/30/2006]
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  3. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member


    You do not wake up one day and just have fms, it comes from illness and repeatitive injuries over time.

    I am getting treated for buging disks right now.

    I am feeling more and more like those with FMS are onions.

    You start really treating things and layer by layer you treat more and gradually the fms is far more bearable.

    Start getting specific things addressed in your body, and do not take that old line of crap.... "Oh its just a symptom of the fms", no likely it is a doc who does not want to do the time and effort to figure out what all the clues are and piece together your illness puzzle.

    THing is if they start fixing what is wrong you will suddenly develop a case of health, then that would be bad for them cause they can not pay their own bills lol.

    The person before my post had a lot of good things there too so I feel like I would just repeat what they had to say.

    SO good luck! If you have pain make some one listen until they stop plugging the problme up and fix it!

    HAGD Brenda
  4. StephieBee

    StephieBee New Member

    Im sorry if im confusing everyone. Basically what Im trying to say is can FM actually cause any of these spine problems tht many of you have? Or did the actually exist before the onset of your fibro? IF it did exist before the onset of your fibro, did it actually cause the fibro or vice versa.
  5. StephieBee

    StephieBee New Member

    Im just not sure if there is a possibility that I could have a spinal problem. I have been in 3 car accidents. One that I believe caused the FM and the others which definatly have made my FM permanently worse. Each time I have gone to the ER, I have had x-rays taken and has shown nothing, except that one time my spine straightened out (not in the good way like it was out of line or anything). Im not sure if even though the x-rays didnt show anything at the time that I could still have developed a problem between then and now.

    Sorry to confuse everyone!
  6. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    My problems are very much like Cinlou's, except that I'm not sure what happened to me in the past to cause the spinal problems.

    I have had 2 anterior cervical fusions, C-4,5,6, and now Lumbar Spine problems, and degenerative disc disease. I rode horses most of my life, dumped many times, of course, and did a lot of water skiing, which pulled on the back as well so I really don't know exactly what caused it.

    I was just recently dx with FM but also have had a lot of stress along with the other problems, also thyroid problems as well as depression.

    After all of the previous explaining, my answer would be "No". I do believe all of the previous problems had a lot to do with the FM.

    Sorry, didn't mean to get so long winded. If you are having spinal problems, I would definitely get them checked out.

  7. twitcher

    twitcher New Member

    I don't feel fibro can cause DDD. IN fact, I believe just the opposite. I had a cervical fusion last year and all my problems started immediately after the surgery and have never gone away. SO, I believe the spine problems causes the fibromyalgia.
  8. StephieBee

    StephieBee New Member

    Thats what I thought. I just wanted to be sure. I am having alot problems with my spine it seems, although Im not sure if it is the spine itself. Im definatly going to get it checked out.

    Thanks to everyone that posted so far!!!
  9. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Finally, after years of lower back pain, a Dr. I went to when my PCP was gone, ordered a nerve conduction test. It showed that there was a definate problem. That led to a MRI - I was finally diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis and scoliosis.

    Another Dr. sent me to a Pain Management Dr. I have bulging disks, DDD, and pinched and twisted nerves in L2, 3, 4, AND 5.

    I have had 2 lumbar epidurals, 2 nerve blocks and none worked. The last was radiofrequency lesioning in half of my back. He only does half at a time.

    i hate to say that I am still in pain.

    But I am not giving up! I have FMS and OA too.

    Good Luck

  10. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member

    if xrays show nothing pin them down and make them do mris you obviously need to have the soft tissues looked at.
  11. msmac

    msmac New Member

    These are two distinctly different conditions, perhaps one perpetuating the other. MRIs, or whatever radiographic testing or nerve conduction studies you and your doctor think you need you should get.

    I think in my case I had chronic fatigue that was triggered by a virus when I was 17. Then I got very ill with a meningitis at 23.

    After that so many farming/horsing injuries, broken bones, now arthritis, that all or some of these hurt on a chronic basis. Also during that next 20 year time frame had a lot of "stress" so also have PTSD.

    As time goes on, I am getting more headaches, more back pain (because of a herniated disc where I broke it?). But the pains are off and on. Incredible muscle spasms from time to time, that Zanaflex, Soma, amitriptiline, Vicodin, etc. don't touch. Magnesium and malic acid several times a day do seem to help.

    The fatigue is the one chronic, nearly never ending event as it is so easily triggerd by stress. I truly believe that I have some stealth viruses/bugs and we are trying to find out what I have.

    I am still trying to work, doing medical transcription, though have been battling "symptoms" for the last year.

    I walk every day, not more than a mile, but regular. Do stretches, etc. to help with stiffness that also is never ending. BUT every body/life has been different, and is also on a never ending evolution, so you need a good health professional.
  12. spmary

    spmary New Member

    Hi Sorry about all the pain. I have had back pain too but not as bad as you guys. But tell me, What is DDD? I thought it was my college sorority--TRi Delta Hope all of you can find relief soon. I just started lyrica and think it is helping. I had a stroke last Nov.It is supposed to help the meurophy, also take ultram for the fibro pain. Seems to help too. i am learning to walk and do pretty well with the walker and somes a cane.And of course the DD-cfs. Good luck to all,spmary
  13. StephieBee

    StephieBee New Member

    I would definalty like to have some kind of test done to show that this pain is not in my head!! Although I am extrememly claustraphopic I will go through with an MRI if it will show these doctors that I am not crazy! The pain is so overwhelming sometimes that I think Im going to lose it. I am only 25 years old and I want my life back! The pain makes me believe there is something more than just the FM going on here. I have never had any scans done because of the fibro alone, and I really think I should. Is it so hard to order a scan...I mean come on now! These doctors really have some nerve dismissing people when they have no idea how life is for us.[This Message was Edited on 07/02/2006]

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