Conditions that Exclude a Diagnosis of CFS obesity

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    Today I looked at the CDC's site for CFS diagnosis -- The Revised Case Definition (abridged version). It reads (this is taken directly from the site):

    Conditions that Exclude a Diagnosis of CFS

    Any active medical condition that may explain the presence of chronic fatigue, such as untreated hypothyroidism, sleep apnea and narcolepsy, and iatrogenic conditions such as side effects of medication.

    Some diagnosable illnesses may relapse or may not have completely resolved during treatment. If the persistence of such a condition could explain the presence of chronic fatigue, and if it cannot be clearly established that the original condition has completely resolved with treatment, then such patients should not be classified as having CFS.

    Examples of illnesses that can present such a picture include some types of malignancies and chronic cases of hepatitis B or C virus infection.

    Any past or current diagnosis of a major depressive disorder with psychotic or melancholic features;
    bipolar affective disorders
    schizophrenia of any subtype
    delusional disorders of any subtype
    dementias of any subtype
    anorexia nervosa
    or bulemia nervosa

    Alcohol or other substance abuse, occurring within 2 years of the onset of chronic fatigue and any time afterwards.

    Severe obesity as defined by a body mass index [body mass index = weight in kilograms รท (height in meters)2] equal to or greater than 45. [Note: body mass index values vary considerably among different age groups and populations. No "normal" or "average" range of values can be suggested in a fashion that is meaningful. The range of 45 or greater was selected because it clearly falls within the range of severe obesity.]

    My question is, has anyone been denied a diagnosis due to severe obesity? I'm thinking of persons who take medications that cause weight gain in addition to lethergy brought on by pain.
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    they can exclude it for these things if they want to, but no one can tell me that someone over weight, with sleep apnea, bipolar, etc. etc. can't develope CFS.

    Yes all these things can cause one to be tired or fatigued, but not all the other many crazy symptomes of CFS. And the fatigue is not the normal fatigue of these problems they say exclude CFS. It a sick fatigue.

    If you're going to a doctor that wants to use this critria for diagnosing you with CFS, you need to go to one that has some common sense.

    Hope you find a good doctor.

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    "dementias of any subtype" ... does Fibro-Fog qualify???
    When I have an episode - I Swear I'm Demented! ROFL!

    Actually - I had the fatigue since '79... got increasingly worse over time. For years I fought it to try and function normally - results was being a Coffee-holic. In my first half of fatigue there was my former hubby deriding me for being "lazy"... then later I pushed myself to exhaustion cause I was the sole support for my kids and needed to work a job even if it killed me. At the last job - I physically "crashed", lost the job, then got diagnosed. It's been there all this time, even before the Fibro got bad enough to "be noticed".
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    the Oxford criteria (Wessely School UK) and the CDC's criteria before their latest revised case criteria by Professor Malcolm Hooper.

    "....neither the 1991 (Oxford) criteria nor the 1994 (CDC) criteria select those with ME, as they both expressly include those with somatisation disorders and they expressly exclude those with any physical signs of disease (as is the case in ME), so by definition, patients with signs of neurological disease have been excluded from study."

    Since ME and borreliosis/lyme have neurological componants, and physical signs of disease, patients with one or both of these conditions should have been excluded.

    TC, Tansy
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  5. ephemera

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    thanks, everyone of you, for your replies.

    best thoughts to all

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