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  1. dvdav2000

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    Hi All,
    First things first... I want to extend my thanks to Rich, and all at Pro Health... Pro Health was a sponsor of the conference, and I appreciate it. I saw Rich at the patient banquet , and award ceremony thursday night and wanted to say thanks... with that...
    The conference is over... after 2 days of patient sessions ( Wed. Thurs. ),. and 3 days of professional sessions ( Fri., Sat., Sun. ) I must say I have learned so much. I will summarize things as they come into my head and maybe by starting a thread, others will chime in...
    I met other Pro Health message board participants as we identified ourselves with a red color in the corner of our badges. "Spacee" with her sister, and "Pam" with her husband, and the rest of us became fast friends. Those of us who volunteered saw more of each other than we would otherwise in a lifetime of conferences.
    This was like the All Star Game of CFIDS, and Fibro. I directly met with, or heard Dr. Cheney ( three sessions ), Dr. Klimas, Dr. Levine, Dr. Lapp., Dr. DeMerleir, Dr. Ablashi, Dr. Evengard, Dr. Nicholson, and this was just during the patient sessions, and evening. In fact Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum did many " shows ", and the cocktail hour... I even think I saw him folding balloons at a kids party after the banquet... lol.. that guy never runs out of energy ! ! !
    Enough for now... lets start the threads and share the info.
    My final thanks to Marly Silverman who leads PANDORA, which serves the South Florida community. Her and Dr. Nancy Klimas, PANDORA president, were charged with putting on a good event. WOW... it was great...

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    Look forward to hearing more : )

  3. dvdav2000

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    Thanks for sharing. I was wondering if Dr. Teitelbaum was going to be there. Did you see a Dr. Papernik? He's my CFS doc. Just wondering.

    We're anxiously awaiting the new developments, if any.

  5. dvdav2000

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    Yes, Dr. Teitelbaum was there. He has so much energy... He presented during the patient session ( then asnswered questions long after it was over )... did the showcase cocktail hour presentation... then he was answering questions well into the evening.... ( then I saw him folding balloons for the kids in the ) only kidding...

    Teitelbaum was real big on D-Ribose. All of his canned presentations covered this...

    He said his daily practice would be concluding in Oct. 2007. He is now associated with the Fibro., and Fatigue Centers. He said he can train more Doctors who can in turn help more patients...
  6. foxglove9922

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    Thanks Dav for sharing. Must have been amazing to have seen all the dedicated docs who have chosen to take on complicated patients with CFS. My hat's off to all of them.

    BTW, I'm getting a wee bit of morning releif with d-Ribose. More like a bandaid than a real lift.


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