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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ABCDfamily, Jul 21, 2006.

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    Just yesterday I went again to the Rheumy DR. who confirmed CFS/Fibro. It was the second with my Primary DR. who first diganoised after many years of being told it was Dysautonomia. My primary said CFS vs. Dysautonomia is much better recgonized in traditional medicine. If you were to go to you can read about Dysautonomia. I fall under the category of POTS/MVPS.

    The Rheumy ran 38 different tests and told me to come back in three months. It's not like I am hearing something I have not known for years however, after seeing the results myself and looking at the numbers I feel relieved on many levels. The sunsensitivity he said could be due to the medication I am on. He also said "do not take any herbs/vitamins that are not FDA approved because they are finding that some of these products affect CFS/Fibro patients adversly". Anyone heard of that? I have my personal thought on that comment however, I am curious as to what you think about that?

    Thanks for reading :)

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    conflict with the meds.I take Gabapentin and can't take magnesium ,for instance. Congratulations on finally being diagnosed!Linda
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    The DR. was saying certain herbs/vitamins can make CFS/Fibo worse.
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    Why don't you take a look at the store here to see what could be of help to you?

    I hate when doctors or anyone else tries to give a warning like that... why didn't he name the products instead of making you scared of everything? FDA approved... I didn't know there were any FDA approved products for CF/FM anyway...

    You can always do searches on google or other search engines for possible contraindications with meds you may be taking.

    The Road Back Foundation may also be of help regarding rheumatoid arthritis. It has been shown in many studies that antibiotics can help quite a few with RA, even tho the Arthritis Foundation still feels even more studies need to be done.

    hope this helps a bit...

    all the best,

  5. ABCDfamily

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    You are right and that was my feeling. Why do DR's tell patients that when they themselves can't tell us what to do to really us.
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    I think your doc is full of poopy and maybe should do a detox with some great vitamins and herbs like we have here at the PH store!! And all of them are FDA approved...

    I'm feeling pretty close to wonderful after a severe 2 year flare and it's mostly due to the wonderful vitamins and herbs they sell here.

    I posted more info on my "changes I made on the road to wellness" thread. If you'd like to find it, just click on my name to the right of my post and it'll take you to my profile.

    I probably shouldn't have answered this in a joking manner, I'm sure your doc meant well. I wonder what his other patients have tried in the past that makes him state this?

    Since most of us aren't getting any help from our docs we've taken a path to herbs and vitamins by doing research on our bodies. (And many of us are benefiting from the extensive research of our friends here)

    Giving our bodies what they need nutritionally has helped many of us return to the life of the upright and living.


    Nancy B.
  7. ABCDfamily

    ABCDfamily New Member

    Nancy and all other who give HOPE...........Thank You so much. It gives me faith that things can change and I can live well :)

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