confused about my rights with ss office

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    ok I signed back up agin on ssi...I had them call me instead of going in.the lady that called me today told me I should use this month(October) to start instead of August 1991(the first time I applied)she got me so mad cause she said I would have to show every month from Aug,1991(this was the same month I had my son and I do not recall appling for it at that time) to now my income from every job I have had.I told her that I did not work every year but she said I have worked every year.I know that I did not cause in 1991,1993,and 1995 I was haveing babies and did not work during my preg,and 6 months after I had my babies.(plus I was going thur a big D that year in 91) now I know how to add and 8+6=14 that is over a year and I did not work before 1991 cause of my ex so whay is the sso giving me a hard time and should I just get a att. and fight for what I applied for in 91(I believe I applied in 98 or 99 not 91) like I said she made me real mad so I told her to just use this month was I wrong or what Iam confused about my rights.
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    But, I didn't even have to ask from the first time I applied - THEY DID IT ON THEIR OWN - AND MY BACK PAY WENT BACK TO MY ORIGINAL FILING DATE OF '90 OR 91.........

    When I applied the VERY first time, I was turned down....So I just dropped it, but then a few years later, my Doc told me, I should apply again and start all over - WHICH I DID - so when I was finally granted my SSD, they went all the way back to when I applied the VERY first time....
    The second time, after being denied again, I went right for a lawyer & IT WAS WELL WORTH IT............

    Wishing you the best..........Donna
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    I totally do not understand what right the SSI office has when I do not have any money of my own meaning assets. I was told that if I had more than 2000.00 then I would not be able to apply because of too much money. I talked to my dad and he said that he would come down with me to the office again with my case manager and show that I do not have that money. that i am suppose to have? why is it so hard to get the help that i need? i only worked a year off and on, more off than on because of health issues. I did not make enough to live on my own.

    Please do I need to get a lawyer this time. I have a name and this time I am going to act.