Confused About Protein Shakes

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by laurie_lu, Aug 3, 2003.

  1. laurie_lu

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    I get extremely hypoglycemic in the mornings at work and I recently bought some soy protein shakes. They really helped me feel better and I wasn't getting shakey, jittery, and irritable at work anymore. Within a week I started experiencing a significant increase in pain in my pressure points and I was miserable. I couldn't get down on the floor to play with my kids or get up. I knew right away this was a result of the soy because that was the only change I've made. I then purchased some EAS Advant Edge Whey protein shake mix. I drank a serving at 10:30pm before bed and by 2a.m. I was awoken to severe lower intestinal pain that lasted the rest of the night. I am not lactose intolerant and I normally love milk.

    I am not sure where to go from here. I want to consume the protein shakes because they make the hypoglycemia symptoms stop and give me lots of energy that I need but the soy aggrivated my FMS and the whey made me cramp horribly. What should I do now?
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    protein drinks. They may solve your problems. With all the supps I've bought recently can't afford it yet but seriously considering this form of protein myself cos the heat's made my hypoglycaemia uncontrollable.

    I found info and examples of these products using a seach engine on the www.

    Just a thought


  3. Annette2

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    I used to drink Whey protein drinks but wanted to stop drinking the milk. Now I eat a Zone bar every morning for breakfast. They fill me up and make my brain think I'm eating candy! I love the chocolate/peanut butter bars! For lunch I have either chicken, or some roast beef or a salad with cheese in it. If I'm out during the day I carry the Zone bars with me in case I feel a hypoglycemic attack coming on. Why not give them a try?

  4. 2aycocks

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    Shakes are not the only protein you can take with you. String cheese is good. Nuts and seeds are great. Try alternating with shakes and see what happens. It may just be too much too fast.
  5. laurie_lu

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    I purchased a different brand of whey protein shakes and so far so good, no cramps. I think the other brand must have been expired or bad. This brand has a much better taste. Thanks for the other suggestions. I will add these things to my grocery list. I read somewhere that whey is suppose to be very good for fibromyalgia pain and not just for the hypoglycemia. That is why I was trying to get the whey to work for me with the shakes.
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    Rainbow Light makes a protein energizer shake. There is no soy, dairy, or sugar. I got mine at our local food coop.
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    I have CFIDS and I have had similar aggravating experience with protein shakes: whey, soy, whatever.

    Step 1: drink shake.
    Step 2: wait a few hours.
    Step 3: extreme lethargy ensues

    Since then, I have steered clear of the protein shakes.

  8. Drea

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    When experiencing hypoglycemia symptoms it is best to eat a carbohydrate source that is low glycemic..meaning it wont raise your blood sugar fast and then make it crash. One person suggested brown rice which is good because it is unprocessed and has fiber to slow digestion and decrease blood sugar spikes. You want to stay away from anything processed such as white bread, white rice, cookies, etc. Stick to whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. When you are experiencing a hypoglycemia attack your body is craving glucose for energy, which only comes from carbohydrates. The protein shakes may be upsetting your stomach as well as aggravating your hypoglycemia if they contain added sugars, as they do to me. Hope this helps you.
  9. laurie_lu

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    The Whey protein shakes are not holding me through out the morning like the Soy protein shakes did. The Whey servings contain 20 grams of protein as did the Soy shakes. What's up with this? The Whey is also much thinner in consistancy. I'm back to getting shakey and weak a couple hours later even on the Whey.