Confused about SSD Process

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Angee, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. Angee

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    I am so confused about SSDI Process

    I just called the office of hearing and appeals they stated that my case was in the waiting to be scheduled process. That my file was just conpiled for the judge. I have just obtained all my records from my new dr I have been seeing for 11 months . I dont know if i should send them in to the hearings office or not. My attorney never returns my calls so i couldnt ask her. She told me that she had ask for my records from my dr. a month ago and the dr office stated that they had no such request for records.

    I dont want to go over my attorney head and send my records to the hearings office, because she already told me up front that i would have to have a hearing if I wanted to win my case, she sent a dire need letter for me a couple of weeks ago only because i had a HISSY fit with her receptionist because she never let me talk to my attorney and she never returned my calls I dont want to get my attonery upset after all she is the one representing me.

    Back to my first question didnt mean to ramble on. What does it mean when they said they just fininshed compilling my file. How long do you think this process will take? Any advise is welcomed. I Really Hate We Have To Go Thru So Much, most of us were very hard workers before this dd took over our lives. I have been trying to get Social Security since 2002. The Hearings of office and appeals did tell me in Georgia there is a 26 month wait before you can get a hearing.

    Blessings to All

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  2. LakeErie

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    You still have about 2 years to have more doctors appointments and tests.

    Don't worry about your file, SSDI is putting everything in order for the judge. Your attorney will call for new records as soon as there is a hearing date scheduled. Even after that she can give paperwork to the judge the day of the hearing, though not a good idea to give the judge a lot, maybe just current meds.

    You should give anything you have to the attorney.

    The judge can review your file before the hearing and find you disabled before court, but with Fibro, not likely.

    Most attorneys do not have much contact with clients beyound informational letters trying to keep the client calm.

    It's a nerve racking time for the client, but if you got an attorney who specializes in SSDI, try and chill a little (it's hard). Your attorney wants to win, that's the only way he/she gets paid.
  3. kimkane

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    I live in Michigan and just won my case. It was turned down and the we appealed. It took 3 yrs but I won.

    Before my hearing I got several letters telling me that they had my files and were waiting for a date, as they are very busy.

    My lawyer thru-out the 3 yrs sent me up-date forms. wanted to know any new meds, new drs, and so on.

    I was very nervous at my hearing because i had only saw my lawyer 1 time. But his paralegal and I talked about 1 time a month. This is normal I have found out.

    Here is a site that tells you how they go about deciding. It sure put my mind at ease.

    Hope it helps you. Hang in there and don't give up.

  4. Angee

    Angee Member

    Thank You both for your answer I will wait paitiently believing for a good outcome.


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