Confused again..pain in shoulder and individual finger..anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Crickie, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Crickie

    Crickie New Member

    Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem? Like I said in my profile, even as a nurse this crap is so confusing and presents itself differently so many times that you wonder which end is up! Right? Well....
    The latest confusion (the last couple of months off and on)is the burning pain in my right shoulder accompanied with severe pain in my left middle finger...the pain is so bad in the large joint where it meets the hand that if I would have any suspicion of an injury, I would have gone for an xray! I realize that I am having a bad flare...cognitive as well, but doesn't it make you go "hum" as to why this stuff would pick two specific areas for the most pain?!
    Any ideas...I'm open to suggestoins!
    Getting a little frantic wondering how I am going to take notes this fall semester or even draw up an injection...
  2. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    I have that also from time to time. In my shoulder I can press on the area that's causing me pain. I have problems with my knuckles and pain in the fingers but all tests show normal arthritis...whatever that is. I never had it two years ago when I was diagnosed with FM.

    In my experience, it comes and goes. I also get severe pain in my wrists that can be unbearable one day and gone the next. Not so great when your a computer programmer.

    You could maybe try some of the heat rubs for your hands? Have you tried ibuprofin (Sp?) I wish I could offer more suggestions.

    All the best,

  3. reckabek

    reckabek New Member

    for a few weeks now my index finger on my right hand has felt jammed, but wasnt, it hurts to use very badly, sometimes it doesnt work well either..its very weak, and very feels jammed, or what perhaps arthritis feels like...its not changed in color or anything..just hurts...beck...
  4. Crickie

    Crickie New Member

    Thanks all of you for the great information! I am not familiar with Myofacial pain syndrome and will do some researching. Willing to try everything suggested - usually I complain more about the "can't pull my head out of my rear fog," but when this shoulder and finger pain flares it is unbearable isn't it?!
    Prickles....strange that it is the exact same location for you too...happen to also be left handed?
    I can't wait until research figures this mess out!
    Until then, I will keep you all in mind in case I find something miraculous to help....
    Thanks again and have a good night,
  5. Keeshondmom

    Keeshondmom New Member


    I have had the same shoulder arm and hand pain as well as the nasty burning that you describe for over 20 years. The really bad thing is that you will eventually have loss of range of motion in your wrist as well as limited strength in your hand.

    Over the years I have been diagnoised with many things the most believable of which was an incapsulated nerve in the shoulder and elbow area. I even had rotator shoulder cuff repair in hopes that would lessen the symptoms we share.

    Thankfully, the Physical Therapist I found after my shoulder surgery has been able to relieve all the symptoms and restore the use of my hand to a great extent with nerve release stretching.

    Of course if I stop going to PT it all comes back, but its a true blue miracle for at least 4 days out of every week.

    I have come to believe that it is connected with FM, as my PT tells me that most of us issues with weakened neck and shoulder muscles.

    I hope this helps, gayle
  6. Crickie

    Crickie New Member

    Dear Gayle,

    Thank you and everyone for writing. Since reading and researching I have made an appt. for physical therapy. The joint at the base of my middle finger is now swelled noticably halfway back the top of my hand and I am having a hard time using it at all. This is the first time I have had actual redness and swelling along with the burn of the right shoulder. What a flare up!
    I am also putting out one last desperate plea for lab work to check for Lyme. I was tested only once about a decade ago and after raising a baby deer and being outdoors a lot it might be a good idea huh?! Thanks be to this message board...or I would have never thought to bring Lyme to my docs attention. Worth a try!
    Hope you are having a good weekend ~
  7. CockatooMom

    CockatooMom New Member

    I think we WILL HAVE to sit beside eachother in the fall, for all the reasons you mentioned in the other post!

    Gosh, what is with US Chris?!

    Today is the first day I have even felt HALF normal, and I'm still feeling pretty weird. It's like my brain is numb inside my head. ...No I mean it, really...

    This anti-psychotic, geodon, that she has me on now makes me feel weird. My lips are kinda numb and when I was laying in bed last night I realized that my brain feels the same.

    So sorry to hear about your shoulder and finger. Ugh! "Calgon...take us away!" Remember that commercial?

    Please call me, my phone card is out of minutes.
    Take care sweetie!
  8. Crickie

    Crickie New Member

    Hey ~

    I'm glad you are feeling a little better, although I sure hope the new med straightens out! I can imagine how strange that numb feeling must be...really...I partied so hard the summer of '88 that it's just a least it was a valid reason, stupid, but valid! I don't know what is up with us either...I agree, maybe the humidity. It's been a few years since we have had a July like this one. Trust me...I have been sitting out in the weather the last two days. Three ball games yesterday and three today ~ love to watch the kids play but it takes me until next weekend to recover!
    I hope you got a good visual over the launching the suitcase of books down the 2 flights of stairs comment...I humored myself on that one - I could just picture us. Really should think about doing this on the last day of class in the Spring...SHEER SATISFACTION! :)
    Will give you a call tomorrow afternoon and catch up!
    Keep hanging in there!
    P.S. I do remember the commercial...the 70's and 80's were great weren't they? To go back and have one more care-free day huh?!

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