confused and lost need help and advise

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    Ok so i guess i will give you guys a little background information. My mother was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 7/8 years back, my cousin on my moms side of the family has muscular distrophy (not sure if somehow tied in) and i think i might have it. I never really thought about the posibility of me having it because i thought my mom was just being crazy and lazy when she would complain about it. (you have to know my mom) but then i meet this guythat i'mdating now and his mother has it too but alot worse than my mother. She is on perminate disability. So he is the one that pointed it out to me. He swears up and down that the symptoms i have sound just like his mothers. But how do you know? I am only 24 and yes i have be diagnosed with some of the problems listed that corilate with fibromialgia but i always thought the doctors were wrong.they said i had TMJ, depression (mild i will agree but it was conditional when the guy i had be dating for 2 years broke up with me and my fahter left my mom for a friends of my's mother), insomnia, and possible resless leg syndrome, but i do have to keep and eye on Hypothyroid condition because my mother has it. I am only 24 the information i read on it says that people diagnosed are generally 30 and older. what do i do? how do i know? AHHHHHH!!!! please help!!!
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    Dear Star,

    My heart goes out to you, and I'm sure you indeed feel lost and confused. People can unfortunately get fibromyalgia at any age, and even at birth. Indeed the most common age is in their 30s and older, but anyone is vulnerable. HOWEVER, that DOES NOT MEAN that you have it. Please remember that while we can't diagnose you, but we can try to help you. I would not assume you have fibromyalgia at all. You need to get that diagnosis from an experienced doctor.

    Your boyfriend or the guy you are dating is doing you a huge disservice by trying to diagnose you and making you fearful. He is not a doctor. He probably isn't trying to upset you, but it's just making you wonder, gee is this me, or am I fine? Only an experienced doctor can make a definitive diagnosis. It often takes people years of seeing several docs to get a definite "YES, You have fibromyalgia."

    Fibromyalgia MIMICS many other illnesses and sometimes people can have symptoms that overlap but that aren't fibro. The only way I can explain that better is to give you an example: I have IBS which is part of the bigger picture of fibromyalgia and includes many other symptoms (pain, fatigue, interstitial cystistis, suppressed immune system, bipolar depression, etc), but my husband has IBS and no fibromyalgia.

    Furthermore, my symptoms developed at very different times over a period of years, making the fibromyalgia a suprising diagnosis. I had fibro probably since my teens, but it was only since I was in my mid-30s that I got the diagnosis because that was when I started having symptoms of pain....and THAT'S what docs look for. IE, fibro is a tough thing to diagnose in the first place. Don't be discouraged if it takes time to get diagnosed, AND keep in mind that you might not have it. Your boyfriend shouldn't be making the diagnosis for you.

    Indeed, I would encourage you to seek a second opinion because you are having doubts about your current doctor and also because I think it would help put your mind at ease. With or without the diagnosis, I think the best thing you can do is stay on top of the diagnoses you do have and look out for any new symptoms. However, try not to be fearful if any new symptoms come about. I know that's MUCH easier said than done! Please give us an update, try to hang in there, and let us know how it goes. You will be in my prayers.

    Warm hugs,

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    I'm a 28 year old male and was DXed about 1 1/2 years ago. I've had many symptoms for several years but didn't start having the pain until 2 years ago. My doctor ran every test under the sun and everything came back normal.

    He brought up the fact it could be FM and my Rhumitologist confirmed it. I started seeing a new doctor 6 weeks ago strictly to treat me for FM. He also confirmed it to be FM and started me on Tradozone for sleep. I have my second appointment with him later this week in which I'm asking him for something to treat the pain.

    The key is to get more than one opinion. Not all doctors believe in FM and CFS... But there are doctors out there that fully believe in it and are willing to treat patients with it.

    I wish you the best of luck.

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    I just want to say that Erika gave you great advice.

    I also wanted to add that many of the symptoms of Hypothyroidism can be the same as FMS including the body pain.

    So be sure you are being monitored by a good endocrinologist.

    Remember that a lot of hypothyroid patients have a tendency to run low on iron and it can cause problems as well.

    Also soy products can be bad for a person with hypothyroidism.

    I really hope you do not have FMS.

    Best wishes and take care of you,

    Karen :)
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    one of the first problems is when i did see doctors i was coverd under my dads insurance and was a military doctor(now i have no insureance)when they diagnosed me with anything it never felt right to me.I thought there was something else that was wrong. i know i have more problems when i do a little more pushing myself with doing things but thats normal, right? I have asthma and a lowered immune system to begin with and alot of the symptoms i have sould like fm but who knows. I get migrains, i belive i have IBS with constipation mainly arround that time of the month, my cycles are very very very painful i can even tell when i ovulate(which you sould not be able to tell if you are on BC) i know i have trigger points for pain ( i only know this because of what i have read about pain and accupuncture or alternative meds), i get insomnia alot, my muscle hurt more when i am stressed or when the weather changes 10 degrees or more. In my teens they put me on IBU 800 mg every day 2 times a day for pain and when it was that time of the month they had me take it as needed. i always thought the pain was from all the sports i did. They say that FM is triggered possible from a tramatic accident or even and if i remember right alot of my health problems started after a bad car accident when we moved to MD and i was going into the 5th grade. A car hit the family van going 80 MPH while we were stopped at a traffic light. And i know Geoff is only looking out for me. HE didn't say i have it but he thought i had it. I am not telling me but i thought that along time ago but blew it off. I don't want to have it b/c i see what his mother and mine go through. And if i do have it, it has to be the early stages. There has to be something i can do myself to help curb or avoid the effects like yoga, or something. I don't know i am just getting everything out of my head. You know it is sooo much easier to talk to someone you don't know about stuff that someone you do know in fear that they might look at you differently or treat you differently!!