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    I am confused about which excersizes I should do and how to do them. Everyone knows to stretch first. and that it will relieve some of your syptems.But I have been told we should strengthen the muscles to carry our weight properly. I checked with my doctor about strength training with passive resistent machines and she no-just walk or swim every day.She said it is important to do escersizes but not when I am in pain or if there is any swelling or redness. I am always in pain and swelling. Rhumatiod arthritiss.ostesarthrits, fibromyalgia.What should I do?I want to feel better. I want to have a whole day without pain. Maybe even a week.And anyway, doesn't walking put extra stress on the knee joint and the ankles? Please can someone point a finger in the right direction for me?
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    HI i am not to sure but the best thing to help me is swimming. i take water arobics classes shallow water ones. and they seem to be helping. i used to love to walk but some times it just hurts to much the next day. if you do do the water sizes go at a slow pace or you to will wake up the next day in pain. i hope this helped some kris

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    I swim when can.Walking,at my pace,Stretching.Maintaining balance as to not fall(that's exercise,Right? lol ) Peace,eZ
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    My doctor recommended a book called strong women stay young I got it today the exercises are suppose to be really good I;ll let you know how it works