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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Windytalker, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Windytalker

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    Help me out. As the newbie here, I'm wondering about the difference between these two threads. Is there a difference? I do notice some who post in the Lounge don't on Porchlight and vice versa. But, basically, it's about our individual doings and comments on the posts of others in the thread.

    It's all a bit of confusing to me.

    Thanks and hugs,
  2. rockgor

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    Hi Windy, The porch was started about 8 years ago. In those days there was no chit chat board. If
    you wanted to socialize, as opposed to talk about medical matters, you put "Off Topic" as the
    title of your post. Now we have separate boards.

    Most threads deal with a specific topic, but the porch is folks talking about all kinds of stuff:
    recipes, jokes, movies, family, shopping, autos, kids, irritating relatives, pets, meds,
    responding to earlier posts, etc.

    About 5 or 6 years later a gal named Linda aka Spacey started the lounge with the same premise
    only she aimed it at folks who were too ill to get around much and "just lounged around the house".
    A year or so ago (I've been gone for most of that year) there was a big storm in Linda's area.
    So far as know, we never heard from her again. Which is a shame as she was a fun lady.

    You can post on either or neither or both; the choice is yours. Always happy to see ya.

  3. Mikie

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    Thanks, Rock, that was an excellent answer. I think some of us were attracted to The Lounge because some of us had Sjogren's Disease. That's no longer the case; we have all kinds of folks, just like The Porch. I try to post on The Porch now and then because I like the folks over there too and, as Rock mentioned, some are the same ones who post on The Lounge.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Granniluvsu

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    Rock - thanks for answering to Windytalker. I thought that that Porch started first but wasn't sure about when the Lounge started. I started on the Porch originally a little after Rock came so I didn't have the details of both, Good job Rock for the great description. I had been mostly on the Porch but now I pop in the Lounge too since many of our other members either got lost or got busy doing other things and didn't get back on line. Some may have not felt that great either. So many reasons for leaving or not posting.

    Elaine - who was a very busy bee even though quite ill was quite the Porchie and I think occasionally on the Lounge I think but she has had all kinds of physical problems and then more surgery and is trying to recover from that. Occasionally she will pop in to see how we are all doing and cause some fun runcous (sp?). We do miss her and many others who were on there for some time, Carla B who is busy on FB and her business I believe. I could make a list and so could you Rock.. Elaine is trying to get her strength back after her most recent surgery. There is also 1sweetie and so many others after her. Miss so many of them from the Porch and thereabouts. Great folks on either board/thread.

    Thanks again Rock for the great info.

    Love ya,
  5. Windytalker

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    Thanks so very much for the clarification. Now I understand. :):):)