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    Where any of you diagnosised with a different disorder before FM/CFS? I am looking for answers to a lot of questions?

    I have been to several Dr's. because of fatigue,sore throat,not being able to move because of pain.(I already had a back injury, experience pain constantly in low back).

    This pain was so different it would come from nowhere. I was more tired, couldn't get enough sleep, feeling sick, pain felt bone deep. Diagnoised; DDD, Arthritis, Depression, Bi-Polar, endometriosis & lots of others.
    After surgery the pain and tiredness where a lot worse, Dr. said would take 4/5 months & back to old self.2002;

    In 3/2003 I told Dr. that I couldn't keep awake,so tired, had no energy & hurt all over. She sent me to a sleep specialist. Had some test, blood work everything in the okay area.New Diag. Narcolepsy/Cataplexy & Mild Sleep Apnea. Started Provigil; It seemed to help for sometime. There is a lot more in between then and now.

    How I ended up at this site. Explaining to Dr. about the pain in my body. Dr.said residual pain from a back injury. Taking Daypro, Lortab and Anaprox for my back.

    In 2/2005 Dr.says probably Fibromyalgia! I waited for explanation. On a visit July 2006 Dr. switches me to Cymbalta, for depression then says it could help FM pain.

    That little description of my past history.


    1. How do I get the Dr.s to listen to me?

    2. Certain it is CFS. No diag. Dr. that is just a lable for unclear diagnoisis.

    3. What can I do to get a real diagnosis.
    (Right know I have around 8 diag.) I take several meds.
    turned down for SSID, Employer says I am a safety hazard, No Accomadations, forcing disability. I applied in 4/06 I am now being investigated to see if this a real problem.

    I am carrying a lot of baggy around because of all this. I will post some questions with specifics in subject line.


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    Hello dear one. Welcome to the site.

    Yes, many had diagnoses of other things before CFS was made: IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), DDD (degenerative disk disease), arthritis, FM (fibromyalgia), Hypothyroid (low function) and on and on,
    and many of those were in addition to the CFS they also had (not yet dx'd, tho'). lists the symptoms of CFS, as does this site, if you want to find out.

    Many were told they were depressed only; usually, if it is CFS, depression is secondary, and anxiety may also be present...who wouldn't have both when your body betrays you?

    You might want to read "Running on Empty" by Katrina Berne, Ph.D. It will help you pinpoint your symptoms and may also help you find some relief from symptoms.

    If you want to ask specific questions, put the question in your title, so those with knowledge about that subject will answer you, ok? If you mention anyone's screenname in your post, they can find it by using the search option here (by Title and Content).

    The video "I Remember Me" is pertinent and poignant, you might want to see it.

    Don't know how much medical jargon you want or need, but whatever is puzzling you, please ask...there are some very smart people here to help you, ok?

    Happy posting!!

  3. Amslave

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    I was the queen of Vicodin for 5 or 6 years. E-rays do show athritis down my back,hip,and shoulder. DDS and IBS which are correct, but no one could explain the sleep distubances the confution and all over pain. So I think that every doctor I had thought I was crazy or a junkie. Finally, I started with a new doctor toldher she couldn't help me send me on, two doctors later I ended up at a rhumey (?) and got a FM Dia. in addition to the exsisting problems. I go back to my original doctor planning to use her as a primary care and she told me that I should learn to " suck it up" . I now have a new doctor that is great amd is willing to work with all my problems.

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