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  1. ANGELEO728

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    Last week I went to my doc and he prescribed me Meloxicam in 7.5mg tab, take one per day...
    All of you that read the post about this said that it was for arthiritis and not fibro... The drug fact sheet does state that it is for arthritis...
    I have felt soooo much better since taking this medicine.... I am not having the achiness in my feet and legs...
    Everytime my doc has done an ANA test it comes back barely above normal... I am just confused about why he is treating me with an arthritis med if I have fibro and if I have fibro and not arthritis, WHY is this med working for me????
    Am I mis-diagnosed or what????

  2. karynwolfe

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    I understand your concern. Having a slighlty elevated ANA, and then finding an anti-inflammatory drug actually helps you, SHOULD be concerning when you have a non-inflammatory condition such as FM.

    Could it be that you do have some arthritis complicating your FM?

    You may want to think back to what triggered your FM, it may send clues incase your FM is just a symptom of another, primary inflammatory disease.

    On the other side, the pharms do say that they're not -entirely sure- how Meloxicam works, so it could be doing something else entirely.