Confused, to get tested or not? Need advice please

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by phoebe1, Dec 5, 2006.

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    I've been reading a lot of posts about lyme and I see tests like Igenex, western blot and so on mentioned.
    I am pretty sure we do not have this in my country.

    Also I don't know much about Lyme, about 4 years ago I was bitten by a tick and ended up with tickbite fever, which was very unpleasant to put it mildly.
    First I had the usual cold/flu symptoms, I felt really bad and a day or 2 after that I had the most excruciating headaches, I literally thought that my skull was going to explode and that I was going to die.
    I had a bite on my leg, it started out almost like a mosquito bite but it was very very itchy and the more I scratched the bigger it became and turned a dark red purple colour.

    The doctor gave me some abx and painkillers and that was the end of that. I must say that I had fibro before this and I don't know if I was bitten by a tick when I was smaller, and thanks to the fog I can't say if my symptoms got worse after that or not.
    Is lyme a possibility or not, I'm not sure if I should get tested?

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    Hi Phoebe,
    If testing is not available where you are, or is too expensive, a trial of treatment is a reliable way to tell if you are still infected with Lyme, which is a definite possibility, IMO.
    I would ask my doctor to prescribe a trial course of antibiotics which are effective against Lyme, so you can see if you have a Herxheimer reaction, ie. your symtoms should get noticeably worse on the ABX, whereas a normal person would just feel better.
    If you do have a Herxheimer reaction, then you will need a much longer course of ABX, alternating different kinds of ABX to keep the Borrelia from mutating.
    You did not say how long your original course of ABX was. If it was less than 4 weeks, it is doubtful the Borrelia was killed off completely, since it has a 28 day life cycle. It is very good though, that you were correctly diagnosed and treated so quickly after your tick bite. That is unusual.

    (I was misdiagnosed with MS for 4 years, then with FMS for 17 years, before being diagnosed with Lyme 3 1/2 yrs. ago)
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    I did some reading yesterday after I posted, and found that I was bitten by Rickettsia Africae/Conorri, which is found in South Africa.
    I think this may also mimic symptoms of fibro, my abx was only for a few days (5 or 7 I think).
    I am going to do what you suggested and see if I herx from the abx.
    Thanks for the advice!