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  1. stacielynn

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    I was just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia this week. I knew something was going on since I had pain daily and severe chronic headaches. My family doctor made the diagnosis and put me on cymbalta. Is cymbalta supposed to work right away or longer down the road? I am seeing a rheumatologist sometime soon and hopefully they will help me. I am in so much pain and nothing over the counter seems to work for me. Also, I know my insurance will not pay for the cymbalta. (got samples) Does anyone know a widely used medication that is usually covered by most insurance companies? I am so confused by this diagnosis but now I understand a lot of why my body feels like it does most of the time.. Thanks in advance.

  2. charlenef

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    all that i can tell you is cymbalta is not a drug that can just be stopped just something to think about before taking it. something natural you can try is calcium magnesuim and vit d in a pill it helps relax your muscles
  3. dragon06

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    There is a possibility that your doctor can call the insurance company and explain to them that you need to have this medication (if it helps) and then there is a chance they will cover it.

    The previous poster is correct. You cannot just stop Cymbalta cold turkey, there can be withdrawl effects and it is hard on your body.
  4. UsedtobePerkyTina

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    fibromyalgia pain is mostly a neurological chemical / nerve dysfunction. The pain message is produced in the brain by chemicals. In FM, the chemical is over stimulated so pain messages are beyond what is really happening in the arm / leg, etc. I relate it to phantom pain when someone has a limb cut off.

    So, a message of slight pressure becomes a message of pain. Too much of that chemical.

    Cymbalta helps with that.

  5. tgeewiz

    tgeewiz Member

    Cymbalta didn't do much for me except make me want to throw up. In my humble opinion, it only treats the symptoms of FM and not the root cause, although it does seem to help those with nerve pain.

    Have you ever tried guafenesin? It is the only thing that seems to work me me.

    If not, do a search on this board for guafenesin and you will have plenty of reading material.



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