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    I posted about a week ago on this Rheumy I went to see, that was more concerned of who referred me to her, in which no one did since my insurance doesn't require me to, once my GP told me I may have FM/IBS or IBD that I needed to see a Rheumy and a Gastro doctor to rule out anything else. So I went to see the Gastro, still waiting on his results, he did say I have chronic acid reflux, the Rheumy...after a week of trying to get ahold of her office I finally got my blood test results, she said it showed I have a very very very low potassium and very very very low vitamin D3, she then said that would be why I would go into a tired state and why I have joint and spasm this is the same rheumy who told me she doesn't deal with anything but bones in the body, but did say I may have FM and she couldn't rule that in since she only knows bones and asked why I came to see her if my bones are okay.

    She didn't do much of body test, only touched a few spots that she could since I was in pain that day and the right wrist that she created more pain, the look on her face was of shock when she created the pain to be worst.
    she was confused of why my potassium and vitamin D3 level was extremely low and asked if I was on a diet (LMAO )
    If she had read my report I gave her and listened to what I had told her in the first place she would know I have had problems eating, most of my food I eat either comes back up and I vomit or it's coming out the other end realy fast, hence the reason why I went to see my GP in the first place.

    So anyways when she told me of my blood test, I asked her does this relate to FM , she said she didn't know and that she was sending all my information to my GP and to see her right away.
    I am soo confused, who do I see for FM, I have seen soo many GP's and this is my first Rheumy so I don't know what to do now.
    I appologize for seeming like I am sarcastic and whiny, I am tired of feeling like my body is giving up and fall asleep for hours when I have had 8 hours of sleep the night before, and never ending body spasms, pains...I'm just tired of going one doctor to another and feeling like I get quackers for doc's.
    thank you for listening to my rants and confusion state,
    take care!
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    You could do a new post on this board titled "Need dr for Fibro in __________________ (your general location).

    You could get in touch with a support group, even if it's not close, and see what docs their members have seen. They can give you the names of docs they have had positive experiences with, and, just as importantly, they can tell you which docs to avoid! Since many of us travel significant distances to see a good doc, don't limit your inquiries to your immediate location - cast a broad net.

    It sounds as if you hooked up with a rheumy whose practice is extremely narrow. Must have been a pretty bad experience - what a waste of your time, energy, and money!
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    You can do one of two things - you could tell your GP of the blood test results and ask if she'll treat those (she/he) should. You could also ask your Dr. if she'll help treat your FM symptoms and you could ask her for a rheumatologist that she might know who does treat FM.

    My first rheumy only diagnosed (or confirmed actually my Dr.'s diagnosis) I was told upfront that the rheumy does not "Treat', meaning seeing Fibro patients on a regular basis. He has a small practice and has many RA patients etc. He was so nice, I was sorry I couldn't continue to see him. I got a referral from someone else for another rhuemy who does help FM patients.
    I only see him about once every 6 months to see if he has any new recommentatons for treating my symptoms. My Dr. then treats me.

    Low potassium - you can take potassium pills - eat bananas or other food high in Pot. and Vit D - the same, you can take Vit D supplements. That May help improve your symptoms - then be reevaluated.

    So I'd make an appt to see your GP, - I'm sure once she gets your blood work, she'll want to see you. Be upfront and ask her what you should do at this point.

    Im sorry you're having such a rough time getting some help, but keep searching....
    start with your GP or call some rheumy offices, tell them the situation (do I have FM???).

    Good Luck!!
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    Thank you both very much for your helpful respond, I will post asking for a doctor in my area, the funny thing about that vitamin D3 I was told it was also do to lack of sunshine, hehehe I live in Arizona I get sun all the time. So I tell my friend about it and she said she heard you can get a lot of sun by sun tanning naked.... yeah right like I'm about to streak nude just to get that extra Vitamin lol NOT!! knowing my lucky the neighbors would call 911 on my naked butt.
    well at least I can laugh about the thought hehehe.

    I'll be seeing my GP on June 3rd, I'll bombard her with questions of what I need to do, took me 4 GP's to finally get this one, she is very nice.
    Thanks again =)

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