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  1. BlackSnow

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    Right, this has been doing my head in for years, 2 to be exact.

    Im 18 years old and have been suffering from this for 2 years. Basically, i think i might have anxiety. I know me saying that sounds rather petty but its taking (or basically taken) over my life.

    I know anxiety can cause a lot of symptoms some weird and some common but heres the symptoms i get:

    Feeling of Panic, its like i work myself up about it
    Im constantly thinking theres something wrong with me
    My heart races
    I get really warm, like my face
    Saliva is like syrupy rather than watery at times
    I start having trouble breathing, is the only way i can decribe it i think, rapid breathing? i dunno
    and with the Breathing, i keep thinking about it, making it happen again, again and again

    Its like a big cycle. I seen 3 different Doctors about a year ago and well they basically said there was nothing wrong with me.

    I dont smoke, i dont drink, although im not the best sleeper, i sometimes stay up till like 5am and get up at around 11am.

    Is this anxiety? all in the mind? its really stopping me from getting on with my Life and gettign a career because im scared if i go anywhere ill start to feel panicky, trouble breathing etc

    I don't suffer from it when im busy not thinking about it, but most of the time i am thinking about it, so i think i bring it on myself a lot of the time.

    Sorry for going on a bit but its doing my head in.

    Thanks in advanced
  2. SPR30

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    I have bad nerves, sometimes I think I will go insane with worry and panic. It gets to the poit of chest pains and such. I get alot of social anxiety. I can't take gatherings, parties, crowds.
    What you described sure sounds like anxiety/panic attacks.
    Have you discussed this with a psycholigist. No, you are not insane, but soemtimes they can help with relaxation and breathing exercises to keep your nerves in check. Please talk with a doctor about this. If you are unable to control these episodes there are meds that can help.
    I wish you the very best!!!!~Stacey
  3. BlackSnow

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    Thanks for the reply, when i went to the Doctor way back in January, he told me to quit smoking and i did and it got worse id say because instead of always thinking about cigarettes i was thinking about being tense/panicky. He also checked my throat, lungs and heart and said there was nothing wrong with me.

    Its easy for them to say that, i mean, you might not have anything physically wrong with you, but it feels like you do and its horrible. I thnik im slowly getting better as im no longer thinking (as much anyway) that theres something physically wrong with me and more its all in the mind. Surely after 2 years if something was physically serious wrong with me, id know it, as would the Doctor.

    When you don't have anxiety or phobias you think "damn, thats just a load of nonsense", but when you actually experience it, its no laughing matter.
  4. SPR30

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    You got it. Your head knows that the panic and anxiety isn't good for you and most times you know it is dare I say, silly, but you can't control it.
    This affects many many people and it is in no way a reflection of intelligence or competence.
    You just do the best you can and if it gets overwhelming see a doctor or therapist about it, don't be embarassed. OK?
    Take care!~Stacey
  5. BlackSnow

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    The more i think about it, the more it all makes sense. When your a smoker (sorry if you already smoke), your always thinking about when your going to have your next cigarette, it was that way for me anyway. Ever since i have quit smoking im obvioulsy not thinking of smoking now, so i tend to think of panic attacks etc instead, which is why i guess it seems worse since ive quit. Better for the Long term though eh.

    I wouldnt say i need to go see a therapist, it seems to be getting better, slightly.

    My family, well my mothers side has a history of being anxious/nervous. She used to suffer from panic attacks, my sister also used t osuffer from them a few years ago. It makes a difference just saying this stuff on here. Makes me feel better i guess. More confident that its just anxiety, all i nthe mind and that it'll pass soon enough.

    When i start to feel anxious, my face gets really hot and my breathing goes funny, shallow breathing i think i dunno. What i do is i go to the bathroom, turn on the cold water tap and splash my face with cold water. It goes away almost immediately and i feel better, refreshed i guess.

    To me, getting over this anxiety is like quitting smoking, learning not to think about needing a cigarette just like learning not to think abotu feelign anxious - working myself up. Shame i have to go through both ;)

    Im trying to feel better because i want to get on with my life, being 18, starting my career by joining the Royal Air Force, i dotn feel confident enough to go and join when i suffer from anxiety.

    Thanks again
  6. Lana56

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    I am sorry you are having such a hard time.Anxiety is difficult to cope with.If you have been checked physically and nothing is wrong,then that can be a relief.If you are still having all the symptoms though it could very well be anxiety and also depression. If you are able to get to a therapist it may help to talk with them about what happens and what is going on in your life.If there is a family history of anxiety that may be another reason to see someone for help.It can be difficult to cope on your own with this and if you can get help and feel better you will go on and do what you have planned with your future.I hate to see someone suffer and hope you can feel better soon.You take care and remember being good to yourself will help.It also takes courage to ask for help if you feel you need it.
  7. SPR30

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    I smoked for 10 years and 10 months to be exact!
    I quit cold turkey last year, so I knooooowwww!!!!!
    You are exactly where I was for a little while. I have nerve/anxiety bad on both sides of my family. Alot of mental and emotional health issues, we're all nuts, LOL!!!
    You take care and keep in touch, cause I understnad you perfectly!~Stacey