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    i just have been diagnosed w/ fibromyalgia i've been treating for about 21/2 yrs for polyarthritis and tendonitis i applied for soc sec and keep getting turned down tho i am unable to work one person i spoke to recently made fms sound like a psychosymatic illness is this how many drs view it also the dr making diagnosis thinks exercise is best treatment treating dr gives painkillers and nsaids where do i turn
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    You might want to post this on the CFS/FM board - you might get more replies!

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    my dr. said the same thing(yoga)i just do 4 streches and it helps me i do them at night and i seem to have less pain in the early morning hope this helps:)ceres
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    Hi jujubear, There are specific criteria established by either the National Institute of Health (NIH) or the CDC for each disease. Actual lists of what consititutes that or any disease. Do you have CFS also? My suggestions are two: One, search the internet for a bunch of lists of symptoms that are officially stated for your diseasesa ( diagnosed or otherwise) and TWO perhaps you can find a doctor who knows about your illnesses and who can see just how sick you are and why (both diagnoses and treatments).
    Not only will you be getting treatment that may help you but the doctor may be able to help you document SS.
    Peace and Good Luck!