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    I finally got my Igenex results I tested CDC positive for IGM, my IGG was negative except for 41, this supposedly is a new infection. I'm alittle confused because this has been going on for at least 10 years. Can anyone make sense of this for me?

    Thank you for any feedback!
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    Oh my gosh I am in the exact same boat as you are right now. Less than two weeks ago my doctor told me that I tested positive on a Quest Diagnostics Lyme test. Problem is that I also tested positive for IGM and nothing at all on IGG. I had bands 23 and 39 on the IGM (which is CDC positive). I was told that this can only represent a recent infection but I too have been sick for years...7 years for me.

    I also posted about my confusion where I talk about some of the things it could mean. My thread is called Questions About EBV and Lyme if you want to look it up.

    BUT what I can tell you is that I have read that some people will only test positive for IGM even after years of being sick. I have read that it can represent a recent infection OR a persisting infection. I read where one girl said that she only tests positive for IGM and she had the bull's eye rash and the whole nine yards so they knew it was lyme disease...but even two years later she said she still only came up with IGM and no IGG.

    I have read that it can mean a false positive but those aren't very common at all. I am guessing it means we both have Lyme. Igenex should be the most accurate test. I am getting tested again through Igenex this time to see what it says and to see if I have any co-infections. I am also trying to get tested for some things that can cause false positives like EBV, CMV, ANA, Rheumatoid Factor. BUT beware...I have also read that some of those things are common in people Lyme because Lyme can cause other opportunistic infections to pop up. So it is confusing.

    This is what Igenex has to say about it on their website:


    The IgM Western Blot is a very sensitive indicator of exposure to B. burgdorferi. It may be positive as early as 1 week after a tick bite. This test will usually remain positive for six to eight weeks after initial exposure. Re-exposure will also cause this test to be positive for a brief period of time. For the testing to be complete, it is preferable that the IgM blot be run along with the IgG blot.

    The antibody specificities of importance for the IgM blot are the same as those for the IgG blot. The CDC/ASTPHLD criteria for positive results are 2 of the following 3 antigenic bands: 23-25 kDa (Osp C); 39 kDa; and/or 41 kDa.8,9 IGeneX adds the 31 kDa (Osp A), the 34 kDa (Osp B),10,12 (with the argument that these two antigens were used for the vaccines and therefore, antibodies to these antigens are of importance) and/or the 83-93 kDa to the criteria due to their importance in the recurrent and/or persistent disease period. IGeneX criteria of 2 bands is 96% specific for exposure to B. burgdorferi. Sera from patients with some acute viral infections can give false positive results. Therefore, an IgM viral panel may useful to rule out false positives IgM Western blot results due to viral infection. Note: The IgM Western blot is often positive in patients with persistent infection.6 Sometimes it is the only marker detected.

    A positive IgM result with clinical history may be indicative of early Lyme disease or persistent infection in otherwise serologically negative individuals. Recently reported data support our observation that some Lyme patients may have only restricted IgM response to B. burgdorferi."

    Take Care!
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    You can check this out too. Here is a discussion I just found about this.

    Hope this helps.

    Pam :)
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    Thank you pam, I tried going to the site you suggested but couldn't find the specific thread,
    Thanks again!!
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    Your Welcome! Sorry that link didn't work for you though :-( I thought the link went straight to that thread. It was basically just a bunch of people talking about how they tested only IGM positive etc. So it looks like this is a common thing that happens. I guess a lot of people that have been sick for years only test IGM positive.

    Hope you have a good doctor who will know how to treat you now that you know what has been making you sick all these years. I am seeing an LLMD in two weeks to get started on a treatment.

    Let us know how things go for you.

    Take Care,
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    It is very confusing the way the testing is etc. But if you tested positive on both than it sounds like you finally know what is making you sick. I don't know that it is extra bad to test positive on just shows that your body is reacting to it which I imagine is a good thing. I read that some believe that there are people who never test positive because the Lyme supresses the immune system and so their body doesn't fight it off and make those antibodies. So maybe it is a good thing when people do test positive. It shows that our bodies are actually fighting it.

    Anyhow...I found out a couple weeks ago that I have it. I tested IGM positive. It is scary because Lyme is not a good thing and can be hard to get rid of. BUT at the same time it is a bit less scary because now I know what I am dealing with and can get treatment for it rather than just having some illness that has no known cause or treatment (CFS). At least now I know what I am dealing with.

    And you are right...we WILL get well!

    Take Care!
    Pam :)