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    Hi I am having a live blood test next week I am sure I have lyme disease anyway I did get a hair analysis done and it said I have fungal issues also mercury I just feel I don't know where to start so I decided to try and rid that fungal issue no doubt candida so I am doing the candida diet with betonite clay baths for detoxing I had been dabbling with samento and cumunda but I feel my body is so toxic at the moment I had to leave alone I am so confused on what to work on first any ideas ?

    thankyou !
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    I guess, first, I am concerned about what the live blood test is?

    Lyme spirochetes are often not found in the blood because the bacteria hides deep within body tissues.

    What is the official name of this test? I really caution you not to depend on it for a diagnosis of lyme.

    You are making a good start by doing the candida diet. Most of us probably do have fungal issues. The bacteria thrives on sugars, so reducing those thru the candida diet is very helpful.

    My LLMD told me no simple sugars, no processed foods, no dairy, no soy, no gluten. He said I should eat 5 x/day, with 1/3 of each meal being lean protein, and 2/3 complex carbs.

    If you don't take high quality refrigerated probiotics containing at least 50 billion cultures starting with "bifido" and "lacto", you could start doing that.

    It may help you to know what to expect if you read some of my posts about my first and second LLMD appts and advice my LLMD gave me.

    I think you would also benefit from going to on flash discussion, click on the "Medical Queations" board.....sign up for free like you did here.....then post a question on the board.....that board is extremely busy and there are tons of very knowledgable people there.

    You will get many more responses there. My screen name on that board is Dekrator48, instead of Nanie46.

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    thank's for all your help I hear what you are saying about this test I can't remember the name but I will see how I get on then perhaps another test.

    I can't take probiotics they make me very sick with stomach cramps i tried a few times with no hope .

    thanks again