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  1. dianneikka

    dianneikka New Member

    I understand if I want to post a new topic, this is how I do it. However, if I want to reply to someone else's topic....why does it say edit and delete under my name? What am I doing wrong? Help??
  2. dianneikka

    dianneikka New Member

    This is how I have been replying, but why does the edit and delete come out under my name? I don't see that under any one else's name?
  3. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    the edit and delete buttons give you the option of either going back to change anything you posted with the edit button or even taking it out permenantly.
    it gives you control over your post and no-one else.

  4. dianneikka

    dianneikka New Member

    I understand now, thanks.