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    Diane, I saw in your profile you were born in Pittston. I grew up in Exeter. I still have family in Wyoming Valley. My brother is living in Pittston. Do you go back often? I haven't been back in years.

    Also I would LOVE to have your recipe for pepper cookies.


    this is weird. I just noticed that your birthday is October 1958, so is mine. Mine is the 23[This Message was Edited on 11/29/2006]
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    I agree, it really is a small world. I was born in Wilkes-Barre General Hospital.

    Do you remember when they opened the first mall? I think it was in Scranton and it was called Viewmont Mall? Do you remember when Wyoming Valley Mall opened? What about going to the lunch counter at Kresge's in Pittston? What about the Agnes flood in 72? Shopping in Wilkes- Barre at Christmas?

    Everything is so different now. Downtown Wilkes-Barre is no longer safe. There's not much left in Pittston either. I read the local papers on line and I rarely ever recognize the names of people. When we were growing up it seemed like everyone knew everyone.

    I really miss the food though. You're right about the church ladies pierogi. I really miss the fresh kielbasa and the great sausages. And Italian rolls from Ristagno's, or Lombardo's. Dusty road sundaes from Grablick's. Or going for ice cream at Blue Ribbon. Summertime with all the church picnics and fireman block parties.

    Life was so much simpler back then. I'm glad I've got to meet you here. It sure was nice taking a stroll down memory lane.


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