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    Hi Diane. Here's a message I tried to send you with that new conversation feature.
    Somehow I couldn't get it to work. The board computer said my message was invalid.

    "Oh, Hi again, Diane. Thanks for your offer.

    No. We don't know how to get the pics from the phone to the computer.
    But, strangely kainkydinkly, only today Gordon went to Best Buy to
    try and find out. He had the usual goofy experience with people telling
    him to go to this dept and then to that dept. He ended up buying some
    sort of cable. Right now he is visiting an orchid friend who is going to
    try and show him how to put the pics in the computer and then
    post them here.
    Aha! I hear someone coming in the door. It's either Gordon or the
    cops.... It's Gordon. He was visiting this friend for 3 hours. Got how to
    advice on e mailing a pic from your phone to your computer.

    We'll see what happens. Cheers. Rock"

    There were several other messages in my conversation box that I hadn't
    read yet. They all vanished too. Uff-da!

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    Hi Rock,

    I thought I'd reply here, on the homebound board.

    I've been under the weather with the flu, and not thinking clearly at all times. Don't ask me why I just didn't start a post to you -- instead of sending a private message (PM)! Duh!

    Anyways, I did receive your PM.

    I'm glad that Gordon got some assistance regarding posting pictures. The picture posting topic is best explained by being shown how to in person. (Is that a choppy sentence?? LOL) There are so many variables, such as the size of the picture. Then you have to "crop" the pic to make it fit to PH specs. Etc.

    Anyways, I hope Gordon can post pics of his orchids. I look forward to seeing them. I never did get around to asking you to pass my congrats to Gordon for winning that prize. Please do so!

    But I guess we won't be seeing any camel riding pics. LOL

    I don't have a camera, and my cell phone has only the basic features. I can call, answer a call, get and retrieve voice mails, and take pictures. But I don't have the capability to transfer the pics from my phone to my computer. Besides, Kevin's the better picture taker in the family. He even studied photography at some point in his life. Me, I'm near-sighted in one eye and far-sighted in the other, so I have trouble focusing. Kevin's pics are way better than mine. :)

    Sometimes I think that "gremlins" invade the Board! LOL Couple weeks ago, I could NOT log in. I kept getting an incorrect password error message. I even asked for a new password from PH, which I received. But that wouldn't work either. So I gave up. Tried back about 6 hours later, and everything worked fine. Go figure!

    I need to nap now, so I'll try to be back later. Maybe I'll have a bit of ooomph and be able to post on the Porch.

  3. rockgor

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    Hi Diane

    Well, Gordon learned how to e mail his pics from his new smart phone to
    our e mail box. From there he can post it on the net. He has already posted
    3 or 4 orchid pics. I guess you have seen some of them. I'd go look, but
    then I'd lose this post and etc.

    I never heard of eyes that focus unevenly. So is the picture you perceive
    balanced out or is it blurry? I've read of people with different color eyes, but
    never met any.

    I do remember when I was a patient at St. John's hospital in Santa Monica.
    St. John's used to be where the movie stars went for treatment and/or to
    die. Nowadays they go to Cedars Sinai. Anyhoo Joseph Cotton was also a patient,
    when I was there, but he wasn't in the mental health ward with me.

    My point being, (As Ellen DeGeneres says, "And I do have a point. As Dave
    Barry says, "The point is I have no point.) My point being that one of my
    fellow patients had eyes that were a dull gold color. Like some cats. Never
    seen that before or since. "And she was a perfectly nice woman."