Confusing Igenex test results...

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  1. redhummingbird

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    Don't know who's still around to help interpret this.

    IGM Negative

    18 kDa +
    23-25 IND
    31 IND
    39 IND
    41 ++

    IgG Negative

    41 IND

    It doesn't look like much to me. I'm housebound and have been sick for over a year.

    I'm just looking for some answers.

    Any opinions? I'm going to do some googling.
  2. redhummingbird

    redhummingbird New Member

    Thanks for the input and support.

    I'm finding myself having a strange reaction to the results.

    I thought that they would be more clear given how sick I am (housebound since Dec.). I thought it would be a really clear negative or clearly positive.

    Even though I'm seeing a doctor who knows a lot about lyme, I don't think he's an LLMD so I may need to switch doctor's.

    I really appreciate and value all the times you've given me support. I also really value your opinion.

    I hope things are well with you.
  3. victoria

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    and of course it's more likely than not to have co-infections... which won't show on the WB and the tests for them are even more unreliable. That's why it becomes so important to have a good doctor. Good luck ..... bottom line unfortunately is that sometimes just trying some different abx is the only way you can tell what you have/if you have some 'things'.

    all the best,
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    you missed my other post:

    Welcome to the "Die Lyme Die" club!!