Confusion and fatigue when shopping

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Fireball, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. Fireball

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    Today I was shopping in a clothing store with a couple of small bags and a purse with a shoulder strap. I was in the store about 10 minutes when I realized that my purse was gone. I did not have any idea where it might be since I had come from another store. Of course, I pushed the panic button and within a couple of minutes a store clerk came up to me to see if the purse that had been turned in belonged to me. I was lucky because someone had turned it in and my money and everything else was still inside. I think that I should definitely not take a purse shopping any more--maybe a waist pack or something similiar would work better as I have no idea if I dropped the purse or just set it down.

    I wonder how many others find shopping in a mall totally exhausting and sometimes overwhelming. Maybe I should stick to the discount stores--one store a day. I can only usually go to a mall on a day that I do not work. I am much too tired to attempt a shopping trip to the mall after work hours. Instead, I usually come home and crash like so many others on this board. By the way, this was only the second day that I have ever used my handicap sticker and I was feeling guilty for having done so. I guess that we need to recognize our limitations and plan accordingly.
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    Who has the energy to shop??? Kidding, glad you do if you enjoy it. I didn't even like to shop much before I got sick, but now there's no way. I wait 'til I absolutely need something and then get it, along with everything else I think I might need in the near future. That way I don't have to go back anytime soon.

    Is it possible the mall has those electric carts? If so, you might want to check into them, though it's possible they're more hassle than they're worth.

    A fanny pack sounds good. And if that doesn't work, maybe you could carry around a wallet like bikers do--you know, the ones with the chain that fastens to a belt loop? :)

    Don't feel guilty for using the handicapped spaces. I actually still do, occasionally but "tell" the people who are condemning me (no one has, it's all in my head) that they shouldn't make judgements and if they felt the way I do, they'd use it too. To help me feel less guilty, I park in the farthest one I can deal with.
  3. PAT

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    I get really confused in the store, and often come home and wonder why in the world I bought a particular item!
    I get so exhausted when shopping, I can't think straight, and it's really bad when I have to take one or more of the kids with me.
    They take advantage of my altered state and come away with a ton of loot!
    Try to always keep a list,carry a purse with a shoulder strap instead of a handle, and just go at a slow pace!
    Too much stimuli is so overwhelming sometime, and I won't even go shopping alot of times if I am already having a frustrating day.
    Take care! Patti G
  4. Spoonerpaws

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    Who can shop at a mall???

    I haven't been to a mall for years

    I shop one store a day, that is it!
  5. granch

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    Not only do I get fatigued when at a mall, but I also do at a grocery store, at a health food store, at a drug store.......need I say more. And right along the fatigue is the confusion. Hon, you are not alone.
  6. babyblues68

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    I live to shop online. At our mall I only go to one store (Disney)and it's only the thrid one from the door. Otherwise I don't shop. DH has taken up 99% of the shopping. I pay to much for it, and I'm not talking money here.

    When I do go anywhere, I quit the purse thing. I can't keep up with it. I use a fannypack and attach my keys to the zipper by a Carabiner (also good to attach your keys to a belt loop). I can never find my keys!
  7. Suzan

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    I used to love to shop...didn't even have to buy anything..just loved the walking and the looking with a friend. But, I have all but given it up. I can go to one store, for a little while , IF I am feeling good. Doing a full weeks grocery shopping up and down the aisles is a rare thing these days...I tend to shop for a couple meals at a time. ( little by little Dh is doing more of it) I am lucky enough to have been able to stop working, so I do what I can when I can. But, we have ordered more pizza in the last couple years than I did when I was a teenager! I forget things more and more as well. So, I don't have any solutions...but did want to echo what has been said...this seems to be way to common!
  8. mellow

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    I used to love shopping malls but I find that if I am inside the stores the artificial lighting affects me and I feel confused and overwhelmed. I am always checking that I have my purse, parcels etc. and always note where I parked the car. Don't feel guilty using your handicap sticker - you have it for a reason. Try to limit the time spent at the mall and also try to give yourself time out for a coffee (sit down and relax) as I find this works well for me. When you get home, if you can, sit down and wind down - then get up and do what is necessary and no more. I believe we need to plan our lives as much as possible around this DD so that we can still try and live a relatively normal life. I am lucky at present that I have minimal pain but I still get other problems. All the best Mellow
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    How strange! I just got through writing down my "current problem" list for my doctor appointment tomorrow and I mentioned mental confusion and fatigue when in a situation when there are lots of things going on at once - like shopping! Of course, I'm a Walmart kind of girl, but still the same thing! I always go with my daughter and grandkids and I tend to start conversations and then walk away in the middle of them. Lots of times I turn around to find I've wandered away. Kids think it's funny cause I always say "we lost your mother again!". Nice to know I'm not alone. Forgot: I have to pay special attention to where I put my receipt when the clerk gives it to me or I can't find it if they ask me at the door (usually within about 1 minute). I always look like an idiot when I do this and my daughter just rolls her eyes and smiles.
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    Hi; I'm new here but I've had a lot of experience with FM.We live in a tiny town, and with all my Drs. appts and such I had to learn the hard way. One day I got in my car and went into the city on the south end of town, on a road I don't use very much, and when I realized where I was and had no idea why or even why I was there, after I cried for 15 min, I had to work really hard to figure out why I was in town. As it happened I was on the wrong end of town and the Dr was my pcp. First my husband got me a cell phone and called me every 20 min and I won't talk while driving waste of time. Now he calls before I leave and it works better. I bought an organizer, the calender is on two pages so you can see exactly whats going on. I keep my ins cards in it, lots of paper clips. I still take the card they give you to veerify if I have to. I used to put notes on the mirror, but I still put a sicky on the front of the I know where I'm going and what time I should be there. MIne also has a back zippered area and I put my keys in there. I use a cane so carrying the book seems to balance. You should here what I do with my meds.....thanks for listening.... try to keep your sence of humor. p.s. I tried to edit this , I shake pretty bad but sometimes it comes out funny.Each time I came back to the edit part I'd know the rest
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  11. jeniwren

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    I get more confused when I'm really fatigued. My partner almost always comes with me or my daughter does. I also make sure to stop and have a drink or snack while we are out shopping. Having a small rest allows me to finish what I began.

    When I'm preparing dinner, or baking I cannot abide any noise in the room. No radio, no TV, NO nothing!! They seem to interfere with my ability to concentrate on the task at hand. I also have problems if anyone wants to talk to me while I'm watching TV.

  12. babyblues68

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    Oh, please don't talk to me while watching t.v. If you do I'll just give up and go to bed.
  13. Notonline

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    Yep, don't talk to me while I'm watching TV either... or especially when I'm on the phone...I hate that, can't concentrate as it is, I forget what I'm saying.

    Malls?? Haven't been to the mall in years, they make me nuts. I'm lucky I can find my car keys two minutes after I set them down, can't remember anything! When my hubby and my 4yr old son start talking to me at the same time I get so confused I don't know what I'm doing. I envy all those moms I see in the stores with the hubby and three kids in tow that still have all their faculaties, and are so organized. I'm normally a muddled, exhausted mess, just trying to get though the day.

    All I can add is....thank God for online shopping!!!