Confusion over date for CFSAC testimony

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mbofov, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. mbofov

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    Update - I just sent my statement to CFSAC, and got an e-mail in reply saying the deadline is 10/14, contradicting the official docket.

    I went to the official website, and called Wanda Jones. Here's a link to the official register ( and what it says:

    Members of the public who wish to have printed material distributed to CFSAC members for discussion should submit, at a minimum, one copy of the material to the Executive Secretary, CFSAC, prior to close of business on October 15, 2009. Submissions are limited to five typewritten pages.

    I think there's a typo in Quay man's earlier post about the date.

    Jones' office confirmed that e-mail submission is okay, to


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    I was a bit confused, too......I did email a submission, though, and am pretty happy with what I said.....I am hoping and praying that this meeting makes a difference, that there are a lot of good submissions, and that they read and take to heart what we have to say......and that the evil CDC is stopped from continuing along the path they have been on ( and no, I did not actually call the CDC evil in what I wrote.....I was actually proud of how well I refrained from coming across as having a vendetta against them, and in just sticking to the important facts and some personal testimony)

    also thank you everyone who wrote something for the meeting!
  3. QuayMan

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    This is the automatic message I got back on Monday.
    But people could always ring to check on Thursday if they still can submit.
    If you point out the confusing message on their website you might get away with it.

    The next Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee (CFSAC) meeting will be held on Thursday, October 29 and Friday, October 30, 2009, from 9:00am-5:00pm EDT. Please link to to access the Federal Register Notice.

    Due to the number of requests, CFSAC public comment slots are filled. A waiting list for public comment has been developed for those wishing to make comments; they will be accommodated in the order received, and if no-shows or cancellations occur.

    You may submit written comment, which will be provided to the Committee in read ahead materials and to the public on site at the meeting, if testimony is received by October 14, 2009. Written testimony is limited to five (5) pages.

    The proceedings of the meeting will be accessible via videocast. More information will be posted on the CFSAC website at

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