Confussion and frustration(overwhelming fear.)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by minkanyrose, Sep 28, 2006.

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    Sure will be glad when this divorce is over. I got temporary custody of my 16 year old daughter until we go to custody hearing the 16 of oct.

    Almost positive I will get permanent custody due to husband's past history. yet I still worry because the stress has caused so much fibro-fog.

    Went to counceling with both daughters wed. trying to pick up the mess of alcohol, and sbusive relationship we experienced in my marriage to their dad. My 16 year old daughter is feeling the stress of the split very negitively.

    She had a dream 2 nights ago and couldn't go back to sleep. ahe told me about it, yeaterday. She was driving on the interstate near our home going no where in circles, didn't know where her brothers and sisters were. I had died and her dad was in prison and she was lost.

    I try to reasure her illness i have isn' going to kill me, she says I don't want to hear about your health issues because you keep getting sicker all the time and it scares her.

    In the counsceling session I cried because the counsclor asked me if I heard what my daughter is saying, I said I heard her but forgot, please state it again, that drives me crazy I can't remember something that was said 2 minutes ago. I felt hopeless because my memory goes just like that.

    I am afraid my husband will use that against me in the custody and divorce hearings.

    My family counsclor wants me to get a seperate counsclor for just me, to heal from the abuse in the past and the issues of this DD. So going to do that but I feel so overwhelmed about everything I don't know if I want to go now or wait till some court dates get over, I feel like I am so over losded with things I don't feel like adding another thing to do.

    my son just left to go back to navy after a week visit, my mom leaving for texas in 2 weeks for the winter and I feel alone again, and am sick and rundown so know that has a lot to do with my emotional well being just feel buried under a pile and no opening.

    i am trying my best to be strong in front of my girls and cry in private at night alone in my room.

    anyone had experience with a psycologist? do they help and what can I expect.

    thank you for listening and any advise you have will be greatly appreciated.
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    have you ever considered that the stress of your marriage made everything worse? I think as time goes on if you rest as much as you can ,watch your diet and take care of your Health FIRST once your divorce is final you will feel better.
    Living in a home where there has been abuse you stay in a constant form of stress waiting for the next big thing to happen. It will be very nice to be away from that happening again.

    This also is good for your children to see they need to make better choices with their relationship. I'm sorry about your daughters dream I'm one that has always had my fears come out in dreams also.

    You might work with your daughter with things that help you both to sleep better. Research together on the web things that can help you both. Chances are this could cause her sleep problems and the sooner you address healthy sleep the better chance of her not developing health problems from it. This is a bonding thing that you can help each other .

    Life goes on I watched my MIL after 18 years of marriage go threw a divorce and it was so hard she grieved herself to death. There is much more to life for you and your children have a positive attitude and know that .Tears are the way that GOD helps to clean our soul and new things can grow.
    Bless you many many prayers are going up for you and your children.

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