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    Can anyone give me info on how to go about doing a congressional inquiry regarding back payment? Do I call the house ways & means? Who do I address written info to? I was approved for disability over a year ago.Any info much appreciated.
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    for Ruby
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    Then, write your congressman/woman. I did this on behalf of my son and our congressman was a lot of help. Just describe your situation as objectively as you can when you write him/her.
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    look in your local phone book and find tell them you can not hold out anymore financially....
    i can't beileive you have waited this long.....

    i would go down in person to ssa office and see your rep and i would tell them your story and if you cry so be it...i did, it didn't take much but this is so wrong....i have heard about up to five months....

    i waitedover a year for my sob';s apportionmet on my ssdi and my congressmans' office that was out of line...

    so call everyone you know...

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    Thank you for your responses regarding the congressional inquiry and back payment. I did have an attorney but I get no call backs when I call because as the social security office has told me the attorney is not responsible to help me in this matter. The Soc. Sec office keeps telling me to wait 60-90 days -which i have done many times. I was also told by one ss. person that I would probably have to do an inquiry even though my situation is completely free from complications or other circumstances.

    I will make some calls today. Thank you for your responses.