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    On thursday dec 8th at 10 a.m. in rayburn HOB 2123, there will be an importent hearing about pain. I was informed from the american pain foundation to write our congressional offices to support H.R. 1020, THE NATIONAL PAIN CARE POLICY ACT. I just wrote my congress a third letter. please write your congressmen on this urgent matter , so we can lead in this fight to help or selfs and other in this critical healthcare issue.. Its regarding cfs fibro and chronic pain in America

    ps all be on tomorrow if you want a copy of my letter from american pain foundation. just ask and ill post it tomorrow have a great night everyone.. onnaroll
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    I will look into the American pain foundation website. This would be an important bill for us.

    Thanks for the heads up. Sally
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    this meeting is tomorrow at 10 a.m. please everyone call or write your congress office to support H.R. 1020 .
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    Yes, please post this letter for us!
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    congressional hearing on pain

    dear (your decision maker)

    On thursday december 8th, 2005 at 10 a.m. in Rayburn HOB 2123 there wiil be an importent hearing about pain in America. This issue is vitally importent to me. As one of over 50 million people affected by pain in America, I urge you or one of your staff members to attend this hearing.

    I can tell you from experience that there are numerous barriers to getting effective pain care. It is time for investment in pain care research and time to address all of the policy abd system barriers that prevent good pain care. This heraing will set the stage for for addressing this serious public health problem.

    I am counting on you or your staff to attend this hearing and support H.R. 1020, The national pain care Act. Please let people in our state and across the nation that you care about their pain( And that of their loved ones and others in our community) and are invested in addressing this critical healthcare issue. Please keep me posted on the results of the hearing and your actions regarding H.R. 1020.

    Thank you


    your name
    your address (PHONE#)if you wish
    city, state zip

    get those letters off hope this helps!!
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    I just wrote mine!

    Anyone can go to and locate their congressperson and send a message online! It's a great way to voice opinion.

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    and thank you for writing this urgent letter. I go to advocacy here , then go to fibromyalgia advocacy its the bottum one you click, there you can find your local congress office as well.. good luck all and please do write this letter or phone them before tomorrow 10.a.m.