connection between brain aneurysms and fibromyalgia

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  1. tedjam1234

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    has anyone else out there been diaganosed with fibro and has also been treated for brain annies? i have had two brain annies clipped and am now being treated for fibro. i take the same meds,gabapentin,for antiseizure after clippings and now i take it for pain control.i cant help but fill that there is a connection between the two.if anybody has any information,thoughts,or web links please let me know. thanks
  2. sydneysider

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    After years of reading and support groups, I have never heard of any such connection. However, there is a connection with developing FM after an operation.

    Some people believe that the stress or trauma of the op. may trigger the FM, however there is evidence that some people have neck injuries after operations, which may trigger the FM.

    Any kind of disrupted sleep can cause FM like symptoms. If you happen to be getting any minor seisure activity at night, this may also be causing your symptoms. If this is a possibility it might be worth a sleep study.

    All the best
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    My aunt has both, but her fibromyalgia is mild. I don't know that she's ever seen a connection or been told there is one.
    I recall reading recently that Woofmom (username) was diagnosed with both. She is still recovering from surgery but maybe you can research her posts. I'm not sure how much she's discussed it.
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    I was in a very long remission with my fibromyalgia and back surgery triggered it back 10 years ago and it has never gone away this time around, so I do believe there is a connection between surgery and fibro. I don't know if it is the anesthesia or what it is.