Connection between insomnia and cortisol!

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    I can't figure out copy and paste today...fog city I guess. Amazing how I can forget something I once knew. To see this short item,
    Go to the usdoctor website.
    Click on "diseases".
    click on "Natural hormones".
    Click on "cortisol".
    read the short blurb that runs down the left side of the page.
    Madwolf would love says he is doing exactly the right thing to help us, and it explains why.
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  2. klutzo

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    Hope Madwolf sees this. Klutzo
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    I looked this up, very interesting site! But it *does* say at the bottom that one should not use the cortef for more than 6-8 weeks, whereas Madwolf suggests taking it for up to six months, I believe.
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    i went to usdoctors, but typing in cortisol doesn't get me any info.......what have i missed out ?
    i am tired, should go to bed, want to look at this first

  5. klutzo

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    Pink - you need to follow my directions above exactly to find it.

    LL - Most that I've read says no cortisol after Noon, so I think I'd go with that. BTW, was it you who said in another post that OLE should not be taken by those with a high BP? If so, can you tell me where to find the info on this? Thanks.