Connection between sugar consumption and Alzheimer's

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    New research published in New Scientist magazine shows a connection between sugar consumption and Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's has even been called diabetes of the brain.

    I remember a news story a year or two ago talking about the brain using insulin and a connection between diabetes and Alzheimer's - it's fascinating stuff. But also really good to know we do have more control over our health, that getting Alzheimer's is not just a crap shoot.

    Very interesting reading - Mother Jones' magazine has done an article on this you can find on-line - google "Alzheimer's sugar" -

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    Mine has been near 100 for many years, even though I eat very little sugar and not much carbs - I think it's because I have to be so darn sedentary! grrrr.....
    But I guess my number would be much worse if I wasn't so careful.

    Anyways, I find this whole thing fascinating - all the money poured into Alzheimer's research and new drugs, and what if most cases could be prevented through simple dietary changes?

    This article or another one I read also mentions the importance of omega 3s for brain health and helping to prevent some of the damage caused by sugar.

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    My MIL must be the exception to the rule. She had no taste for sweets at all and never ate them. She ate no cereal and very little bread or potatoes. She liked seafood better than anything, and a good soup.

    She died of Alzheimer's (AZD) at age 85.

    I had read an article previously tying AZD to tooth loss, ie. the fewer teeth you have the more likely you are to get AZD. My MIL had lost all of her teeth by age 30.

    Another risk increaser is a head injury, causing a 4 fold increase in risk. I almost died of a head injury.

    Since they keep coming up with all these different causes, I've decided to foucs on the preventions. Curcumin is apparently quite effective and can even reverse the plaques, for one example.

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    My dad ate a lot of sugar, candy every day, and never developed diabetes or alzheimer's, although he was not overweight either.

    Anyways, the research is just saying that people with diabetes or high blood sugar have a much greater risk of getting alzheimer's or dementia than people with normal blood sugar. But of course diabetes or high blood sugar are not the sole cause of AZD. But it is one more reason to keep your blood sugar under control.

    Here's another article: - there's a ton of research supporting this.

    I'd never heard the theory about teeth loss and AZD - interesting.

    I totally agree with you about prevention, and the research is saying that keeping blood sugar at a healthy level would be part of that.
    And you are right about curcurmin - I take a turmeric supplement daily. It's also supposed to be good for many things besides brain health.

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