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  1. street129

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    I've received in the mail today, friday 22nd, 2009, a consent form to signed a return to the
    FIBRO AND FITIGUE CENTER where i have been going for blood work and treatment, my dr. wanted to start me on BIO-IDENTICALT T3, L-triiodoyjyronine.

    At this point, if i have to sign a consent form, then this doesnt sound save. has anyone taken this drug. its for low thyroid, its a thyroid hormone supplement.

    my sisters are AGAINST TAKEN IT. I am scared at this point, any help on this matter will be considered.
  2. street129

    street129 New Member

    i don't know what L-triiodothyronine stands for, i was hoping some one knew. i don't even know what bio-indentical hormone means, all i know is, it has to do with thyroid,

    my thyroid is within normal range, 303, of a range of [90-350] but my dr., said its to high, he wants it aleast 140.

    after i signed the form and mail it back to them, and after they gets the signed form, they will go ahead and have a company that makes the product in calorado call me for payment, which is about 90. dollars, and there after about 40 dollars for refills.i which others here had an idealof this, and if its bad to used.

    this is what the consent is saying...word for word

    thyroid pharmacutical [synthroid and cytomel] are FDA approved for use in human.

    bio-identical compound thyroid preparations that may be prescribed for you are highly regulated by the phamacy compound law, which is part of the FDA moderation act of 1997. the use of these therapies as it relates to your diagnosis is considered an integative treatment.

    CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN WHAT THIS STATEMENT MEANS...i will not buy this if i dont understand......thanks for any explaination anyone can share.
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  3. AuntTammie

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    - basically, it means that it is a natural form of thyroid hormone, rather than a man-made drug - it's probably Armour thyroid (if not, then it is very similar to Armour) and made from pigs's thyroids (this might sound weird, but it's very common & is used by a lot of people and prescribed by a lot of Drs)

    bc it is natural, rather than a synthetic drug, some people believe that it is closer to what our bodies would make and therefor safer.....other people say that since it is not a drug, and is therefor not regulated by the FDA, it is not as safe.....since the FDA does not regulate natural products (like supplements), the Dr's consent form is just basically saying that you are aware of this.....integrative docs (ones that use both western medicine and alternative, natural treatments) often come under fire (esp from the big pharmaceutical companies that stand to lose money if people use natural treatments rather than drugs) such, they are just taking measures to show that their patients are aware that the FDA does not regulate some of their treatments........for many of us, drugs cause a lot of really bad reactions, so many of us do seek help from integrative and alternative docs....others prefer to stick with the drugs

    as far as T3 goes....well a very simplified explanation of how the thyroid process works is that a different gland altogether secretes TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) - this is what most doc test when they look at the thyroid, but it is really an inaccurate test for a bunch of reasons (testing T3 and T4 levels is more accurate)....anyway, once the body gets enough TSH, it makes T4 -this is a thyroid hormone that gets stored until it's turned into T3 - T3 is what actually gets used by the body and is responsible for helping with things like temperature regulation, energy, mood, etc (there are a ton of different functions that the thyroid hormones contribute to)....usually docs do not prescribe just T3, though, but rather a combo of T3 and T4.....T3 does not have a long shelf life and is more stable when in combination with T4....however, some people's bodies have a hard time converting T4 to T3, which is why it's not just T4 prescribed by itself

    I hope this makes some sense - i am wiped out and sort of foggy rt now, and like I said this is actually a simplified explanation (the whole thing is very complex and I am not up for trying to explain it at the moment)

    anyway, the consent form is not something to be worried about, I said, it sounds like it is just acknowledging that the form of T3 the doc wants you to take is not a man-made version
  4. street129

    street129 New Member

    i read and understand your post, once again .......thanks
  5. quanked

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    I noticed that you indicated the thyroid functions to regulate body temperature. For at least 20 plus years my body temp has been out of control. I have had my thyroid checked many times but it always comes out normal. I see many posts on here encouraging others to get their thyroid checked. Is there some other way to have the thyroid checked other than a standard lab test that doctors order?
  6. AuntTammie

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    street - you're welcome

    quanked - you have to get the dr to check TSH, total T4, and free T3 to get a more accurate idea of what is going on....I would suggest going to some good thyroid sites and reading more about it so that you have more of an idea of what you are asking your Dr and why before you approach him/her - Stopthethyroidmadness is one with a lot of helpful info.....they are very much in favor of bio-identical hormones for treatment, but even if you don't want to go that route, you can use that site to get more info about how the thyroid works, what the different tests are and what they really tell you, etc.....I don't remember any others offhand, but I know there are quite a few good ones out there....and there are several people on this board with a lot more info, as well

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