Consider this as to why you got sick

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  1. msbsgblue

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    There has been a lot of psts about where you live or grew up. Many have mentioned they did not live near polution but what about all those unmentioned gov't experiments places and dumps that we are not really told are someplace near us.

    I have a book that lists them all, and I know I have been close to some, I bet most of you have too.

    I am going to scan these pages and figures when I get time later and come back to this post and post them here.

    I did a survey on this some time back and did not have a scanner at the time, but just the ones who knew they had lived near some of these things most of them that has fibro did.

    I was shocked at the numbers of places that I never even knew existed.

    Included were toxic dumps, nuclear testing areas, nuclear storage areas, all sorts of military things and more.
  2. Khalyal

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    there was a GE plant in our area. We thought they made toasters, because that's what they told us. There was a huge cow pasture behind the plant with stockponds. We used to ride our horses all over that pasture and swim in the ponds.

    Years later, we learned that they were making parts for nuclear and hydrogen weapons. The cowpasture was a nuclear waste dump. According to the US Department of Labor, 433 different toxic substances were in use at that plant, including krypton, plutonium, barium and cobalt.

    When the plant was closing in the 90's, hundreds upon hundreds of barrels of nuclear waste were removed from the cow pasture and shipped to nuclear waste facilities in other states, including South Carolina and Utah.

    My sisters and I ALL have some form of Fibro and/or CFS or thyroid damage or .... Do I wonder why? Nah.

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  3. jole

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    Nope! A survey was done here years ago, and it showed that it didn't have any bearing on it, although it is a good thought.

    So far there has just been no one connection found on this board that shows anything to point to any certain factor. What a shame that one can't be found. It would actually make this easier to treat, wouldn't it?
  4. marti_zavala

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    who had temporary access to some files that were kept hidden and it listed areas of the country used as testing sites under the guise of pesticides.

    Rio Grande Valley (southern Texas) was one of those areas.

    I was hospitalized as a child after exposure to pesticides.

    My current functional medicine doctor has decided that was when it all started for me.

    My sister has everything I have, my cousins (lots of cousins) do too, mostly females but a couple of the males.

    So, no, I am not surprised.

  5. Khalyal

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    that lots of people live near some kind of contamination or toxic soup without EVER knowing it.

    BILLCAMO New Member

    There is no one known cause OR any single approach for treatment for our DDs. There are simularities and differences.

    It is curious that FM , ME/CFIDS , Lyme Disease , GWS , Chronic EBV , Toxic Poisoning , and some other ailments seem to have common ground. But , no direct connection has been found......YET.....

    For now , we just have a tangled web. I believe that someday the triggers and treatments will be found. Yes , I feel there are multiple causes and , therefore , multiple approaches.

    Blessings ,

  7. cookie1960

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    I agree with Bill on this one.

    Fibromyalgia itself has been around a long time. They used to refer to it as "Neuralgia" and considered it a Women's disease. There was no nuclear testing or toxin filled waste dumps at that time.

    Many causes, many similiarities, but no one thread that runs thru it all.

  8. Khalyal

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    I agree with you too. I just think more people are sick from chemical/toxin/biohazard poisoning than what anyone realizes.
  9. marti_zavala

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    I would be curious to know the prevalence rates of Fibro or ME/CFS during the years prior to and after the elevated use of chemicals in our food, in our air, in our water, on our land.

    It seems to me, (with no real basis) that while Fibro and ME are old illnesses, they weren't as widespread. But they seem to be almost epidemic now and children are more involved as patients.

    Not sure, something to ponder.
  10. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    My gosh, Khalyal! That is shocking.

    And Marti, I'm so sad for you!

  11. msbsgblue

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    Bill did not start this thread.

    People have no idea unless they have the stats just where and what you are living near, that is why I will drag my skanner over here and scan the lists, many of them.
  12. Khalyal

    Khalyal New Member

    this is important.

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