Considering going to Dr Charles Lapp? Has anyone else gone to him?

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    If anyone has any experience with him and knows his regimen I would love to here from you. I would appreciate any input. I am so tired of getting my hopes up only to have them dashed. He is 3 hrs away so my husband would have to take a day off work to drive me and it is very costly. The first appointment is $1300. I know...WOW! Right! I'll have to start saving up. But if he is as good as I here he is it will be worth it. And he doesn't take insurance, but I can file it with them myself for a partial reimbursement since he is out of network. In one way I'll be saving money because I only have to see him once a year and have periodic phone conferences after that so I will be saving in a long run. And he see's established patient here in Raleigh in a satellite office at Duke. I talked at length with his receptionist who said many people fly in from around the world to see him for treatment. That speaks volumes to me. He specifically treats Fibromyalgia and ME/CF. Thanks in advance for your input. Blessings ~ Sally Has anyone had experience with Dr Lapp?
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    Personally, I think spending $1,300 on one appointment for an illness that has no cure is a lot of money to be spending.
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    Hi Sally,

    I am glad you may have found a doc that might be able to help you. As others have said that sure is a lot of money but your decision. I also haven't read anything about him or other possible docs in your area, on the Forum, so I can't comment on him. Yes, that 3 hour drive is a lot too but if it I once a year and if you like him that it might be worth it.

    I actually never got a bunch of help from the docs as I am active enough and didn't want to be so full of drugs I couldn't drive. I did get some help with the meds that help me to sleep at night. So I too have been taking lots of supps and just trying to do what I can. Nothing has taken away all my pain. Some is also probably OA . Will keep experimenting to see if I can find something to help the pain.. I, like you, have had this much to long and am tired of living with it.. So many of us are just doing what we can and I am lucky, I think , to not be as bad as others with my FM.

    God bless you and good luck !
    Granni :)
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    Thanks for your input thus far. I appreciate it! The upside of paying the big fee up front is that I only see him once a year and have conferences calls and talk to his P.A. for medication issues and refills. So no more hassle having to go to several Dr's here every month only to leave, frustrated, with no help and feeling Post traumatic stress after, like I've been looked down on, scrutinized, assaulted and my intelligence insulted because they know nothing about this DD. So I won't be paying for all those monthly co-pays. It may end up cheaper in a long run. And less stressful dealing with other Dr's appointments. He can take care of it all. At least he understands and wont tell me I need to see psychiatrist. And his appointment is very thorough lasting 3 hrs. including the kind of blood work that a run of the mill Dr wouldn't know to test for. He also gets Chronic Lyme disease. So I'm going to have him do a new iginex test to see where I stand with that. And hopefully he can help me get on a good regimen of vitamins which I'm planning to start this week anyway. And a health diet change which I'm also getting ready to start. I'm going to post a question about what others healthy diet and supplement regimens are before I get started. Well anyway it sounds like I'm leaning toward going to Dr Lapp. He has written books and given seminars om FM/M.E/CF so I figure he must know what he's doing. The next available appointment is in June so I can make it, save up and if I change my mind I can cancel it within 72 hrs. I'm hoping for more input from people and hopefully someone who has been to him. Thanks again! Your all the best! Blessings~ Sally : )
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    I suggest that you not only consider the initial visit's cost of $13oo. I'm not saying about cost of his initial consult but there are sure to be some you haven't thought of. For that price I would hope that lab work is included , but you need to ask. There will probably be lab work he wants you to have done during your treatment. Lab work has to be ordered by a doc. You PCP may or may not write an order. If your PCP is willing to order the lab work it may or may not be covered by your insurance. I don't know if an out-of-state doc can order lab work because he's not licensed in your state, but I'm not sure about that. And even if he can, it may or not be covered by your insurance because he will be out-of-network. Also, consider the expense of meds and supplements. If your PCP will order the meds, it will probably be covered by your insurance unless, like my insurance, many meds are on the upper level of the formulary or aren't covered at all. I IMO it is unlikely that you PCP will prescribe meds for another physician - there's too much legal liability. I'm sure there other factors that not thinking of, but I've probably given enough to consider. I hope someone who has been treated by Dr.Lapp responds to you. You'll know what questions to ask his receptionist. She won't be able to tell you anything about what your insurance may or may not cover. So you need to get information about that, unless you are able to pay everything out-of-pocket.If you're at least 51% sure you want to go, go. But please don't do it without doing massive research yourself, more than anything you could learn through a format like this. And ask yourself: Am I going because I have a reasonable certainty that he will be able to ameliorate many of my symptoms and in the long run I'll feel better and have a significantly better quality of life? Are there issues I feel are important - like Lyme and no one else can or will do that (which is probably the case)Or am I going because I've heard his name a lot so his treatment must be effective and he has an excellent reputation having thoroughly considered all the available information. My bottom line:research, make yourself aware of the expenses involved. You don't want to start treatment with him and not be able to follow through because of $$ issues. And think, don't just feel. Your feelings are important. At one time or another we have all felt despair, fear about the future, anger about having this DD, but don't let that make this decision for you. (Nothing that I have said is intended to imply anything about Dr. Lapp's knowledge and skill. He is known and appreciated worldwide; he has earned his reputation of excellence and is one of the first doctors to believe and treat PM pts.. I have nothing but respect for him)
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