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    I contacted Scott Davis (the attorney advertising on this site) for some advice. I got an email for a free phone consultation, which is probably a form response to anyone requesting assistance. I am wondering if anyone has used his service and does it help? My current State Disability expires in July and it is based on my spine disease. My doctor and I are confident that I qualify for permanent disability (not job related). I want to work in the worst way and if I am really honest with myself, I am not able to work at this time, maybe never with traditional employment. I hope to create some type of business in the future so that I am able to control my work environment as much as possible. I am not a stranger to being a self-employed business owner. I may be fooling myself about controlling the environment. I have always worked hard as an employee or a business owner.

    Anyway, I would appreciate any feedback about the application process, with or without legal support and how long does it take? A friend of mine was able to gain approval in 3 months with her condition.

    Thanks for your help...Jan
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    I filed for SSDI in Oct of 2002 and just received a letter saying that I didn't qualify and that I was able to work. I have 60 days in which to appeal their decision, so now I am going to get an attorney and let him deal with them. I think that if I had to do it over, I would have gotten a lawyer right at the beginning. So I guess what I am saying is get yourself a lawyer and go for it. I am not going to give up at all because I think that is exactly what they want you to do. I just wish that the people who decide our cases could feel what it is like to have our illnesses for about a month, I guarantee that we would all be approved then. Good luck to you, Eva
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    I applied for SSI almost 3 yrs ago...I got turn down twice...but in July the judge gave me totaly disablity for it took me exactly 2 1/2 yrs to get it.

    I did not use the above lawyer I got a free lawyer thru Legal Aid.
    Good Luck!

    SS is getting better about knowing about fibromyalgia, it really depends on how your docters write things up about you whether you get it.

    I was lucky that my docters where very on top of fibromyalia and are well know around the medical field.

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    It sounds like quite a long wait.

    My claim will not be FM related. It will be based on my back injuries and birth defects. I have years of documentation with 3 recent and different neurosurgeon consults. My current disability is for spinal stenosis, spondyolysis, disc herniation at all lumbar levels, bilateral pars defect, anterolisthesis, kyphotic deformity, blah, blah, blah...this list goes on and on. So, I don't think I will have much trouble with approval. It is much easier if you have something that everyone can see on a film or that you have been to several experts for help.

    I would imagine my other health conditons would be a part of the claim as well. My back condition is worse than my FM, and I clearly suffer with FM. This is a difficult decision for me. I would much rather work.

    Thanks again for your help...Jan