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    Conspiracy??????? 11/12/06 01:25 PM

    In regard to doctors that don't believe in FMS / CFS... Is it really possible that all these doctors are so stupid? So many of them? Is it really possible that this collection of people that we accept as representative of the most intelligent of all in our population can be so stupid? Is it really possible that this group of people that control and that we have allowed to take control of our lives, our health, whether we live or die, are so absolutely stupid?

    Is it really possible that so many of our doctors are pyschopaths? (A pyschopath does not care about other people, their feelings, their lives, their suffering.)

    If you did not answer yes to the previous questions then you have to ask yourself - Is it possible that this is some kind of cover up?

    One thing that surprises me is that in my area there is a doctor that is so popular among FMS / CFS patients. I saw the same doctor a number of times as a patient and it was clear to me that this doctor thought I was insane. It was just one day, at one moment that I realized that this doctor felt I was crazy. I won't spend the time to relay the details but I know I am correct. Otherwise this doctor would act very serious about my illness and never act as though I was doubted. Is this doctor fooling all the other patients? Does this doctor think all FMS / CFS patients are crazy? The other thing that baffles me is that this doctor never did anything for me and I have never had another FMS / CFS patient tell me that this doctor did anything truly useful for them - and yet the doctor is loved by so many patients.
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    I found out, doctors are not Gods and have the same human flaws as anyone. You have to search for a good doctor you click with - I had a very rough time finding a good doctor.

    Even a so called wonderful, concierge practice, doctor - missed diagnosing my gallstones for two years. I had all the classic symptoms and he could not even order a ultrasound.

    I have excellent insurance - so what is the reason? The reason is, doctors have flaws like anyone. We expect them to be better than people, but that is just not the case with some.

    I will say, I have many excellent, professional doctors, but it was a search. When I run into a dud, I run the other way as fast as I can.

    Always follow your instincts. You had a dud - find a better doctor. It does not matter who else likes him. I am sure there are plenty who just moved on from him if he has poor people/communication skills.

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    When I first started to figure this out, I wouldn't believe it. I kept wondering the same thing, how could my doctor be so stupid? And how come to feel tons better all I had to do was take some supplements? How come I had to figure out what to do using the internet and not my doctor? I told him everything! I bugged him constantly to help me figure out why I felt like I was dying all the time.

    Look at the drug companies and the way the medical system functions. Doctors don't learn about supplements and food, at least not in this country. I read somewhere that in Italy, if a doctor does not suggest fish oil as a treatment for heart disease, he can be charged with malpractice. The way the FDA is set up you have to be a "recongnized" body of knowledge to carry out these "tests" on supplements or drugs and it really costs millions and millions of dollars. In order to prove that a supplement has some use or cure, you have to shell out millions of dollars that you can't make back because supplements, which are basically natural substances, can't be patented. If they can't be patented, anyone can sell them and most of them are cheap.

    Only drugs are way expensive. You aren't paying because the drug was all that complicated to produce, necessarily, only because the drug company needs to make their money back on their trial. And, of course, a nice handsome profit as well. That's why generics are cheaper, the patent has run out and others can make it and sell it.

    Also realize the drug companies are at the mercy of the shareholders. If they aren't making money, people don't but their stock and they're out of business. So from a business point of view, they can't possibly waste their time and money on supplements, ESPECIALLY if they work, because if people used supplements, they may not need all their drugs. Obviously, some drugs really are useful but we're talking about stuff like cfs where supplements are used mostly as treatment.

    And you won't here about supplements or nutritional tips on television, like the news, because they sell advertising to drug companies worth millions of dollars and if CNN, let's say, were to have Dr. Gupta tell people that most people could cure their hay fever by giving up milk and dairy, what do you think would happen? First of all, they would get sued, CNN that is, because there is no scientific evidence by an accepted body of knowledge that milk causes hay fever. It works for alot of people, but who would do the tests? There is too much money to be lost from doing a test like that.

    First of all, there's all the money from milk and cheese and yogurt that many people wouldn't buy. Then there are all the over the counter allergy medications that are on the market that people wouldn't need anymore. Then there are the new drugs they keep developing for allergies and the advertising money for them. Finally, there is lost revenue to doctors who people see for allergies and sinusitis. See how this works? The only good that would come from this test is many people being cured of their hay fever but at a cost of billions of dollars to this economy.

    Europe isn't as bad. Tests in Germany have concluded that milk thistle can help the liver regenerate. When I told my liver doctor I was taking it, he said I was wasting my time and that there was no "scientific evidence" that it worked. Just because they don't know, they want to insist there is "no cure".

    Doctors and universities receive oodles of money from drug companies, too. They have a lot to say about what the doctors learn. So they learn to sell drugs, not nutrition and supplements. This is starting to get too long winded but you can check it out for yourself. People like my dad refuse to believe it. It isn't that individual people are bad, they're not. It's only when they group together like stockholders and don't really care what the companies are doing to make a profit that the effect ends up being bad. Then there are lobbyists who make sure that the FDA discourages supplement testing just by making it difficult and expensive.

    Is this too hard to believe? Just think of the last time you were ripped off by a company, let's say a phone company. They don't care about your aggravation or if what they're doing is fair. Now let's say you own several thousand shares of this company and receive lots of dividends from them. Does their conduct seem a little more justified? When I reminded my dad of a story he told me once, he started to get the picture. He told me years ago, when he used to buy a razor blade, it lasted for a long, long time before it got dull. Now, they all get dull quickly and are disposable. That's because it's a lot more profitable. Nevermind about wasting resources and creating a bunch of garbage, it's more profitable to sell one every week that one every six months.

    Our health is expendable and our suffering is permitted as long as the economy booms. If it weren't for the internet and supplements, I'd still be in bed contemplating suicide because of the agonizing feelings I was having from cfs.

    I know there are a lot of "flat earthers" who refuse to take anything without the scientific evidenct to back if up but in the case of supplements, you have to see what other people are doing and if they're working because the "scientific evidence" is just not going to happen. It's too dangerous to the economy.
    think about this!
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    My thoughts on this is not that the Doctors are Dumb. They are as confused as we are.
    I also think people are afraid of malpractice .So they do not do anything on their own they lesson to the drug company's .Take their advice and prescribe the drugs, that they are told should work.
    I still go back to what we have already been given as far as vaccines, What damage did they do to us that will never be told because our Government does not was to accept responsibility.Kinda like agent orange damage to our troops but no one admits responsibility because they might have to pay
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    You don't click with this doctor. When you have a long term illness, it is imperative that you find a doctor that you trust. Different strokes for different folks.

    I had to see an orthopadeic surgeon who was famous for his abilities with ankle surgery. At my first visit while sitting in the waiting room, several people were just "starry eyed" over this doctor.

    (I have the reputation as that sweet old lady who radiates sunshine and brings banana bread to the staff.)

    When I went into the examining room, he was an absolute jerk. He was rude, dismissive, and curt. He would ask me a question and then immediately stop me if I didn't answer the question with the answer HE wanted. There were 2 resident doctors in the room with "Dr. Know it All"; he was showing off for them. I call this "short doctor syndrome". He was short and had to compensate for his shortness by acting like a little dictator. One of the two resident doctors apologized to me after Dr. Know it All left the room for Dr. Know it All's behavior.

    I told my referring rheumatologist about my experience. Evidently, "Dr. Know it ALL" had also reported back to my rheumatologist. I told my rheumatologist that if this orthopaedic surgeon did the ankle surgery on me; either he would kill me, or I would kill him before I'd be released from the hospital. My rheumatologist shook his head and said the ortho doctor basically said the same thing about me!

    My point is---sometimes people just don't "click". Find a different doctor. You don't need this stress. A doctor is there to help you, not add to your problems.

    I feel that at least 40% of your "healing" is having faith in your doctor and his abillities. It doesn't matter whether your doctor received rave reviews from other FMS patients. YOU know what works for YOU. YOU aren't everyone else. YOU are smart enough to recognize that you can't force a round peg into a square hole.
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    I agree wholeheartedly with "Barrowinnovations." Did you read Scotts article on Microplasma--that our own Government did this to us? "Operation Daylily" Or see the documentary "Loose Change" about 9-11? Read "Constitutional Chaos" by Andrew Napolitano?...the list...and very long.

    The drug companies "contribute" BILLIONS of dollars to reelection campaigns. In fact they were one of the biggest backers of Bush for his second term. Why do you think he made it illegal for senior citizens-or the rest of us.. to buy cheaper drugs from Canada? Because US drug companies would not have been able to bilk trillions of dollars from the US public any longer. NOT that there is anything wrong with Canadian drugs--Do you Canadians have problems with contaminated perscriptions??? I think not. It's all about money.

    80% of all advertising done on TV is by the drug company's.

    Drug lobbiests spend unbelievable amounts of money wooing our very own Senators and Representatives...and doctors.

    If all CF, FM, cancer patients, etc. were cured--what do you think would happen to such things as Social Security, etc.???

    I don't think that doctors are all stupid--I think they are brainwashed (starting in med school) the same as many in this population is.

    Do you really think our Government cares about US?? Look at Katrina-those victims were all poor people. Had they been a very wealthy segment of this society, we'd have seen an evacuation operation that'd never been equaled in history. Look at Africa-there is 10 times the genocide going on there than in Iraq--but little oil.

    I could really get on a roll here, but the point is--it's all about money!

    I'd fight and die for this country. The trouble's not our country anymore--it belongs to the select few who are controlling (and bilking) every aspect of our lives.


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    Hi: I'm a new one here, but not with this illness. I totally agree with you about this. Too many healthy people have contracted this illness. But yet very few people or doctors know how to treat this. I have two other family members that are very sick, just like me. To look at us we look good, but the pain is horrible!!!!!!!!!!! Personally, I have had it. I so miss the world out there, and all the fun I once had. I had to quit my job in 1997, working with an orthapedic practice. They were not surgeons, but treated for personal injuries, etc. I loved my job, although it was stressful at times, I learned alot in the medical field, by working there. My illnesss first started with extreme fatigue, then progressed with muscle sorness. At that time, after I quit that job, I helped with family members including helping my mother who is now 85 years of age. I had more good days then, and I just figured I would pull out of it. As time went on things
    just got worse. I have had family disputes throughout these years, because my own mother just thinks it is menopause, and will go away. Noone can convince her of anything different. Total denial from my family. If you come outside and laugh, they think everything is ok, and they try again, to convince me that it's just a phase I'm going through. I'm very sick of my life and I too hate to drive. Last year I bought a new car, and I can't even enjoy it. Oh well, I don't even care anymore. I pray to Jesus everyday, asking him to hear my call for help, and still no answer. I am seeing a doctor for pain management, and I am thankful for that, or I would not even be here. Recent MRI of cervical & lumber revealed Osteo/Vert.Degeneration/bulging disc in upper & lower back. Medicine helps, but It's getting harder and harder for me to do things. The pain puts me in a horrible mood, with a short fuse. So, I chose to stay inside, and not participate with activity of almost every kind. So my answer to your question is yes. It has destroyed my whole life, as far as I am concerned.
    Thank everyone for listening to my boring life, and hope a cure will be found soon or else it will be worse.
    Helen in New Orleans
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    I'm with Prickles I can't ever quite get the conspiracy theory ideas. I don't see the logic in them.

    What are they covering up and what is the motive? To believe most mass conspiracy theories you have to believe that those involved care nothing for themselves, their friends, family or community. That no one involved has decided to blow the whistle for their own political or financial gain.

    There are bad doctors, politicians, mechanics, shopkeepers, housewives, policemen, firemen, teachers, managers, employees, air traffic controllers... you get my point. Some are bad because they are burnt out, picked the wrong profession, are under too much stress or squeaked by in school. Some are bad because they are greedy and in general not very nice people. Some times these people make bad decisions for whatever reason that hurts other people.

    I'm confused about what we expect from doctors. We want them to cure a condition when they don't even know what it is. When they refuse to experiment we blame them. When they experiment on us and it doesn't work we blame them. We blame them because they don't have a test to confirm our diagnosis but they aren't researchers. We blame them for the restraints put on them by the law and insurance companies.

    I don't understand the logic that says because drug companies spend billions of dollars developing, testing and marketing a drug that they believe will help people they are evil. Do they make too much money, maybe. They couldn't make so much money if people didn't take their drugs.

    I don't understand the logic that supplement companies who do not spend billions of dollars to prove natural cures are somehow virtuous. They just have a different business plan. They still make plenty of profits but its spread out among more companies because they can't patent their products.

    You are free to take whatever route you want with your treatment.

    This is not an attack, I know people have been terribly hurt by the system. It is not perfect but I think it makes more sense to try to understand how the system works in all its dysfunction and make it work for us. Not waste energy on vast conspiracy theories.


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    Tell them nothing's wrong. Give them Cancer, sit on the Board of both sides, lobby Government for what you want, make Big Bucks giving them the disease, make even Bigger Bucks trying to "cure" it.

    Except they started with AIDS, and didn't want to acknowledge the female offshoot- CFS/FMS because they have had their hands full with the other epidemic they started. So, they just told us we were nuts for awhile.

    Don't think that those pharmaceutical companies are beyond that- they made HUGE money off of cancer treatments, and the CEO sat on the Board of Phillip Morris as well as the main company doing research and supplying the cancer drugs.

    They are all in cohoots, and don't think they're above it.

    Oh, sorry, I'm just a crazy, paraniod female.
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    That was a totally wonderful post. You are so right in everything you wrote. There are so many people that sit around and bash doctors/drug companies when they really have no clue as to what they are saying or what they are talking about. I guess some people have to speak up even when it means not making sense. If people spent more time looking for help and helping others than bashing docs/drug companies then we would really make some progress. One last thing.... If you don't think doctors know what they are doing, or if you just don't like them then just don't go to them. If you don't like drug companies, don't take their products. It's that simple. Problem solved.
    God Bless,

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