Constant Body Sweats

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joeb7th, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    starting 3 months ago...and increasing to almost constant. Day and matter what the temperature is indoors and out.

    Has nothing to do with exercise. I get these in bed at night, sitting at the computer during the day...just sitting watching TV.

    I'm male, 58, 220 lbs.

    Have had most of the immune system problems all here have had since 5 years ago.

    But these unnatural and kind of scary. Why is my body sweating like this?

    And I don't have a fever at all.
  2. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    the first 3 to 4 times I checked.

    So, I felt I had to repost.

    Honest mistake. Sorry.
  3. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator


    Profuse sweats should make you suspicious for a Babesia infection....a parasitic infection of the red blood cells.

    Many people with Babesia also have Borrelia burgdorferi and Bartonella.

    Please take a look at the symptom list on pages 9-11 of this paper.....specific Babesia info on pages 22, 23, 24, 26, 27....
  4. kat211

    kat211 New Member

    I have had sweating issues for almost a year. I recently started cymbalta and it made it worse. I have also been exposed to toxic mold and am going to multiple specialists to try and get is resolved. Diabetes, thyroid issues, and infections are some things that can cause excessive sweating. You really should get yourself checked by a dr.
  5. joanierav

    joanierav Member

    hi joeb. it can also be a symtom of heart condition. please get yourself checked. good luck. joanierav
  6. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    For about 1 1/2 years now. I had a good heart workup. They tell me it is just the fibro in some people, I don't know. It is scarey, I can be sitting perfectly still and wring water off me.
  7. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    me too....i suspect it is the fibro.....just part of the disease.....i have talked to many people about this.....we are all on different meds and some on no I have to think it is the FM.....

    it is truly an awful, uncomfortable is embarrassing to be talking to someone and sweat is running down your nose....or dripping off your face....and no one else is even warm....

    my hubby hardly ever sweats and when he finally came inside the house with a wet t shirt i had to just rub it in and say how do you feel? now, try to put on some make up....oh, and blow dry your hair....and then put on a nice long sleeve shirt and pants because it is winter and even if you are too hot, you will look like a freak in shorts and a tank top and it is snowing outside....your flesh will freeze.....

    i am really turning into a nasty creature.....
  8. munch1958

    munch1958 Member

    There are many causes including thyroid problems, adrenal problems, diabetes, and/or infections.

    Wrong diagnosis com lists:

    Autonomic hyperreflexia
    Axillary hyperhydrosis
    Drug withdrawal due to maternal addiction
    Exposure to high temperatures
    General hyperhydrosis
    Heart failure
    Heroin withdrawal - profuse sweating
    Hodgkin's Disease - profuse sweating
    Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome - profuse sweating
    Thyroid hormone

    In my case, it was Babesiosis from a tick bite. I used to have to change clothes after a bath or shower about 2 or 3 times. After treatment, I no longer have to do this. I also don't have to change my pillow case every day either.
  9. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    Will check al areas mentioned. JB

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